1 Month Old!

July 28, 2012

Amelia is 1 month old today. Here’s whats been going on.


Most babies loose a little of their birth weight in the days after they are born. Here’s what happened with Amelia’s weight:

Birth Weight – 7lbs 11oz
5 Days Old -7lbs 6oz (5oz loss)
12 Days Old – 7lbs 13oz (7oz gain)
19 Days Old – 8lbs 2oz (5oz gain)
26 Days Old – 8lbs 9oz (7oz gain)

I’m pretty happy with how much she is gaining. My milk must be working!

Amelia had her hearing test done when she was 12 days old and her hearing is perfect. She got a very quick result from the machine.


From day 1 Amelia has slept really well, she only wakes up once in the night but I think that’s just because we go to bed late and wake up early so we’re only asleep for about 8-9 hours, sometimes less. At around 2 and a half weeks she started to not like being put down to sleep but we found if we wrapped her in a blanket she would sleep happily.


Breastfeeding is still going really well which I am so happy about. Breastfeeding post coming in a few days.


– Cuddles. She loves snuggling into my chest and falling asleep.
– Her brother…her eyes are always on him.
– Daddy kisses, she always smiles when he gives her kisses.
– She have recently found her feet and likes putting them together and holding them.


There doesn’t seem to be much that Amelia dislikes at the moment but sometimes she doesn’t like being put down to sleep and needs to fall asleep on either myself or Will before we put her in her moses basket. This is only about twice a day though, I think I will buy a swaddle blanket for her and see if that helps as when she does gets unsettled it’s normally when she has her arms in the air or by her face. I think swaddling her should help but I will update you all on that in a few weeks.


Amelia has started to get a little personality of her own now. She has started trying to talk back to us, well coo at us when we talk to her and tickle her. She especially does this when she can see Luke. She smiles lots now (and not just when she has wind).

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