10 Months Old

April 28, 2013

My dear baby girl, how is it even possible that you are 10 months old? Where has the time gone?

Oh my are you a crawling machine now! You don’t really go on your knees but you crawl one leg up at a time…it kind of looks a little like you’re climbing a ladder. It’s super cute and you are so so fast. I dare not to blink or you’ll be gone from sight.

Still no real sign of any teeth but I think that in a few weeks your two middle bottom teeth will pop through. They are there and I can feel them but the of layer of your gum is still holding them back. I think you know this as you try to find the hardest thing you can and bite down on it.

10 Months Old 2

Breastfeeding is still going so well, the bond i feel when you nurse is something I am so thankful for. I really don’t have words to describe it. You also still are very much into all the food you can get your hands on!

You are communicating really well now, you have added some more words to your speech…( when I say speech I mean vocally, not signing) so now you can say these: mama, dada, nana, egg and cat. 2 months ago you started saying brother but this has now stoped and changed to “Luke” – you go  llllluuu and then kkk so all you need to learn is how to put them together… Of course brother gets really happy when you do this and he tries to help you by repeating his name.

10 Months Old 1

On the subject of being vocal you have started 2 new things: one is screaming. I don’t think it’s an excited scream and it’s mainly when you are trying to do/get something and can’t, so instead you let out the most high pitch sound I have EVER heard in my life…it really is pretty deafening. The other, and this one is so sweet – you have started singing, I caught you the other day sitting up holding a tedding, looking at it and signing to do. You were just rocking/bobbing and signing a dada song…repeating dada over and over while changing the pitch and tone of your voice.

As the sun has finally started to come out we took you up to the moors and you got to sit in the grass for the first time ever. You loved it and sat happily picking the daisies around you.

10 Months Old 4

Love you baby girl!



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