10 Things not to wear during a workout

March 18, 2014

Don’t worry; we’re not about to get all Gok Wan about this, but there are some things you just don’t wear during a workout. Some of them are down to practicality and some of them are ‘just don’ts’. Let’s face it, no-one wants to look like the new kid in town, even if you are.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of things that you really shouldn’t wear during a workout. The following photos are from scenarios that took place before this list was compiled. You can thank us, later.

1) The Gym Bunny

Bunny Outfit
It’s not funny or clever. Just think of the Health and Safety issues. And even beards and a fake rattlesnake can’t redeem you. Image source

2) The 80’s Workout Uniform

Mr Motivator
There are many, many reasons why Mr Motivator isn’t on telly anymore and you don’t need to recreate them for us. The gym is somewhere we go to work out, not go colour-blind. Go home and think about what just happened. And we don’t hear ‘In Da House’ pumping out at our local gym, either. Image source

3) Pregnancy Lycra

Yo Mama
Exercise is good for pregnant women; we know that. But there’s no excuse for turning up to your workout looking like a jelly baby. There’s probably an online petition to get these outlawed. We suggest you sign it. Image source

4) Anything That Makes You Look Like a Sleazy Superhero

Case in point.
Image source

5) Anything That Makes You Sweat Too Much

Arm Guards

While your workout gear might be stylish, just be sure that it isn’t counter-productive. Sweating’s fine – up to a point, but you don’t want to end up looking like a dried-out tea bag. We think this photo might be the actual tipping-point for the invention of the headband. Image source

6) Aftershave/Perfume


C’mon – it’s a gym! No-one wants their olfactory senses mugged by your favourite cologne. Gyms smell of sweat; it’s the Law. Add a cocktail of various Eau de Inconsiderates and it’s like walking into a highly-perfumed wall. Save the smells for after your shower. Image source                                                                                                           

7) Anything Endorsed By Actors

It’ll date. ‘Nuff said. And flip-flops? Really? Image source

8) Jeans


YOU might think you look ‘hot’ – but, seriously? You’ll get hot, without doubt. And you’re movement will be restricted. And you’ll smell. And, oh, the chafing! Plus – won’t somebody think of the children? Think about it…  Image source

9) ‘Hilarious’ Slogan Tees


Just no. Image source

10) Anything That’s Too Loose

Too Loose

Sure; your body needs to breathe – but nobody needs to breathe THAT much. Just be aware that you’re sharing space with other people and no matter how proud you may be of your muscles, there are certain ones that we just. Don’t. Want. To. See. Image source

Collaboration with Optimus Protein.

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    Jeans or loose split shorts at the gym and yoga, I have seen it! It is generally the new people. Most quickly change into something appropriate in the next few sessions. The jean wearer always seams to have to always have to reach down and adjust while to split short wearer eventually realizes the need to main some sort of covering.

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