11 Months Old

May 28, 2013

Amelia, yesterday you turned 11 months old and I just don’t know where to start.

At 10 months and 2 days your 2 bottom teeth popped through you gum (although they aren’t sticking up yet) and then 5 days on from that you took you first proper steps! Ever since then you have been loving walking around while holding my hands, sometimes you get a little adventurous and try to push my hands away and just stand by yourself but you soon sit back down. I think it’s still going to be a little while until you can take steps all by yourself but for now you are enjoying holding my hands (well fingers really).

While on the subject of moving…you have started pulling yourself up so that your standing. Your favourite things to use are currently your old bouncer chair, mummy when I’m sat on the floor with you and most recently the sofa. I’m still yet to get a photo of this as I’m just too scared to turn away incase you fall.

11 Months Old

You are definitely going to be a technology lover. You have become increasingly obsessed with our phones and laptop. I try not to get my phone out too much around you but you really like to watch videos that I have taken of your and you brother. You love to hold my phone and look at the screen to see your reflection and then you give yourself these cute little kisses. It’s adorable and is something else that I am ever trying to get a photo of but you’re just so quick and then when you see mummy’s camera you will squeal and drop my phone. hoping you can get your hands on the camera instead.

On to your sleep…hmm, your sleep is still pretty much the same. Some nights I will get lucky and you will only wake to nurse 2 or 3 times but other nights (most nights infact) you are still waking up about 6 times. I put this down to the fact that you are SO active during the day and sometimes would rather play than nurse.

Getting you to go to sleep at night is another thing altogether. With the exception of 1 night here and there it usually takes about 1.5 – 2 hours to get you to sleep at night. All you want to do is play with mummy and nurse while in odd positions. Just when I think you’ve fallen asleep your smile and open your eyes.

In the last week you have basically stopped your daytime nap so hopefully staying awake may help you sleep a little better at night, even if it just cuts out one night feed. When you do nap during the day it’s normally only the once and it’s always around the same time of day ‘1.30pm’.

11 Months Old 2

Your hair has been growing so much over the last few weeks, so much that I can’t get away without clipping it back or putting it in a ponytail. I find you can get really annoyed when your hair is in your eyes. You do look totally adorable with your hair up though! I love playing with it to see how many styles I can do. So far we done the ponytail, braid and french plait.

I’m currently working on collecting things together for your 1st birthday. I still can’t believe that it’s only 1 month away.

Love you sweet girl x



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    Such a beautiful little girl. I always love looking at the photos in your posts. X

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    Thank you so much Sarah.

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