12 Months Old

June 27, 2013

I know what you’re thinking…she’s not 12 months old till tomorrow! I know that but I wanted to post this today while Amelia is still my ‘little’ baby and well, I was in labour right now so…

My sweet Amelia, I can’t believe you’re almost 1 year old. Both today and your birthday are going to be emotional days for mummy so I apologise now if I cry!

A week ago today you stood unaided for the first time. I was sat watching you play when you sped off to the middle of the room, stood up, waved and me and promptly sat back down. I have no idea where you mustered the strength from to stand up straight from sitting and without holding onto anything. You have been standing by yourself ever since then, and just two days ago you took your first wobbly steps all by yourself.

12 months old 2

Review of the hair clip shown in the photo above coming soon

In the past few weeks you have grown up so much. You are more adventurous and content with your surrounding than ever. You are happy to sit and play by yourself (while I write this post) but if I leave the room you have to follow me and if I pass you to someone to hold and leave you cry the second you leave my arms.

I think I may start calling you the chatter queen. You talk so much now – your most recent words being cat and dog. We have such fun conversations about brother and daddy and cat and dog (even though we don’t have a cat or a dog). Your most used words are still ‘mama’, ‘dada’ and ‘nana’ but you also love to shout ‘daddyyyyy’ when you can’t see daddy, it’s so cute.

You still blow sweet air kisses and have been doing it so much over the past week, especially when nanny has been over to play. You really do love her and just as with me, you cry when she leaves you. It’s lovely that you have such a great bond with her and I hope it continues to grow as you get older!

You are back to napping during the day again, I think it’s down to how active you are and how big your getting. One the subject of sleep, when are you going to sleep through the night for mummy?? I really would like to have a full nights sleep if thats not too much to ask 🙂 You’re still waking every night, sometimes twice, sometimes 5 times. Daddy is the only one that can get you to sleep now, if I try then all you want to do is jump around and play on the bed with me and although I do love that time with you daddy likes it too and he really is the ONLY way you go to sleep at night.

12 months old 3

Toys, omg you love playing with toys, well with anything really! I love watching you when you play with your brothers building blocks and you lift them to your ears like phones and talk to them – I’m guessing either mummy or daddy is on the phone too much! You really like to play with balls too, the big football kind, your and brother roll them to each other and it’s such a lovely thing to see. I’m so  overwhelmed with the love between you too.

Well baby girl, at 06:36am tomorrow morning you will be 1 year old and I’m so excited for you. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter and thank you for giving us such an amazing first year with you. We love you so much.

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    Awww…she is so pretty! I can wait to see what she looks like on her birthday 🙂
    It’s amazing that she started walking just in time for her birthday. I bet you’re so proud.
    I’m really enjoying my pregnancy but can’t wait to be a mummy and share all my baby’s firsts with him/her.


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