£125 Makeup Giveaway

April 8, 2014

I have a HUMONGOUS giveaway for you all today. Who’d like to win all of this…worth £125?? One lucky winner will get everything!

£125 Makeup Giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open to uk residents only.

The giveaway will last for 14 days, once finished, the winning entry will be verified.

You can enter by logging into the Rafflecopter through Facebook or just by using your name/email. (please use your real name and e-mail as this is how I will be contacting the winner!)

If you’re not sure how to enter, feel free to watch this video tutorial

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  • Reply Bev

    The Benefit Brow – love Benefit products!

  • Reply Peggy Muncie

    pure color blush by estee lauder

  • Reply ratiben

    I love the too faced palette.

  • Reply Helen B

    The Essie sparkle on top duo 🙂

  • Reply Mignon McKelvey

    The Benefit give me brow

  • Reply Sharon Griffin

    the benefit gimme brow 🙂

  • Reply Chanise Kemp

    I would love this 🙂

  • Reply brenda heads

    Elizabeth Arden- 8 hour cream lip protectant stick is what I would look forward to using the most.

  • Reply Leigh-Anne Flaherty

    Definitely the Essie Sparkle on top duo 🙂 great comp!

  • Reply Fiona Timms

    the sparkle duo i love sparkle

  • Reply Lee Dowling

    Urban Decay Pencil Set

  • Reply cassie fraser

    urban decay pencil set

  • Reply Mary K

    Too faced palette! 🙂

  • Reply kim plant

    I think the cream lipstick x

  • Reply Mary Chez

    The lip protectant stick

  • Reply claire woods

    Elizabeth Arden- 8 hour cream lip protectant stick sounds just what I need.

  • Reply Lynsey Buchanan

    Urban Decay Pencil Set

  • Reply Deborah Williams

    The Estee Lauder blush. It looks like such a pretty colour and the gold packaging is gorgeous.

  • Reply Sarah Bailey

    I would love to win the too faced pallet what gorgeous colours! x

  • Reply janet robertson

    The pretty rebel pallet

  • Reply claire griffiths

    the sparkle duo set 🙂

  • Reply Laura Pritchard

    The Essie Sparkle on Top duo, but it all looks amazing!

  • Reply donna davis

    Urban Decay – Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set 🙂

  • Reply Angie Hoggett

    the Essie Sparkle on top duo looks brill

  • Reply Jan Beal

    The Benefit Gimme Brow

  • Reply gaby

    The Benefit Brow – fab fab fab!

  • Reply Rey Chunara

    Would love to try the Estee Lauder Blush

  • Reply Alexis

    WOW what an amazing giveaway. 🙂

  • Reply Ruth Harwood

    The lip protection stick looks excellent!

  • Reply Lucy & Jody

    OMG what a giveaway girl…You’re going to have one lucky reader!!
    L & J XxX

  • Reply Joanne Welsh

    Benefit brow!

  • Reply jodie yorke

    the two faced pallette looks amazing xx

  • Reply Helen M

    The Urban Decay pencils

  • Reply Denfor Hopkins

    The Essie sparkle on top duo.

  • Reply laura jayne bates

    benefit brow

  • Reply abbey kershaw

    I’d love to win the Essie duo as they are such nice shades and I’d be too scared to buy them! I’m not brave at all, I usually stick to a deep gold!

  • Reply frances hopkins

    Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

  • Reply Jayne T

    Wow, what a fantastic prize! It looks lovely, but I really like the Essie sparkle on top duo, as it’s such a lovely colour.

  • Reply Gillian Holmes

    The Benefit Brow

  • Reply karen hussain

    I’d love to win the Benifit Gimmie Brow

  • Reply Sam B

    I would most love to win the palette x

  • Reply Rhoda K

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway. It’s a tough choice but the Estee Lauder blush looks gorgeous.

  • Reply Jordanne Palmer

    I would be most happy about winning the Urban Decay 24 Hour Liners! xxx

  • Reply Jaq

    I’m excited about the Too Faced palette! Great prizes!


  • Reply Catherine Corr

    Too faced palette

  • Reply Tracey Mitchell

    wow what a great prize x

  • Reply Cole

    I would love to win this the prizes are amazing I was going to buy the essie duo but my local boots didn’t have it. I think my favourite prize has to be the estee lauder blush it’s a very me colour! xxx

  • Reply Chloe

    I’d love to try the Urban Decay set and also the Benefit Gimme Brow! 🙂 Xx

    thechloelook.blogspot.co.uk <3

  • Reply Lizzie

    I love the too faced palette xx

  • Reply Wendy Collard

    The Two-Faced Palette would be totally amazing to win!

  • Reply Leanne Lunn

    The pretty rebel palette

  • Reply lindsey stuart

    The urban Decay Pencil Set 🙂

  • Reply Nichola Harwood

    I’d love the Essie sparkle on top duo, love the colours and i adore nail varnish

  • Reply claire eadie

    The pure colour blush looks lovely

  • Reply Natalie White

    The Essie polish looks so cute 🙂

  • Reply Kel Ellen Hirst

    The Essie sparkle on top duo

  • Reply claire sen

    The Estee Lauder blusher – I really need to try a new one, I’ve used the same shade for years!

  • Reply Kathy Butcher

    I would be so happy to win the Benefit Gimme Brow as I’ve always wanted to try it! But actually all of the goodies look fabulous! Exciting! X

  • Reply katherine b

    I’d love Estee Lauder – Pure Colour Blush in Plush Petal x

  • Reply Heather Nixon

    The essie duo x

  • Reply Tracey Yardley

    Pretty Rebel palette

  • Reply Sheila Reeves

    The Estee Lauder blush, looks like a great colour & I need a new one! @CakeReev

  • Reply Erica Price

    The Estee Lauder blush – a lovely colour

  • Reply Andrea Williams

    The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour stick, it’s so useful for lots of things x

  • Reply helen rosbotham

    Gorgeous giveaway what a lovely treat!

  • Reply Cathy Glynn

    The Essie duo looks fab, great competition x

  • Reply Janine Atkin

    i love the pretty rebel pallet

  • Reply sue Seaman

    any benefit make up its all fab

  • Reply Anthea Holloway

    The Benefit Gimme Brow because I am blonde and this would really help to define my rather pale eyebrows!

  • Reply Kim Lam

    Urban Decay Pencil Set

  • Reply Judy Beba-Thompson

    Hmmm, well I can’t cheat and say “All of it!” though it would be true. Dying to try the Essie NVs on my toe nails – cute for paddling in the sea – but I think I’d be even happier with the Estee Lauder blush – such a beautiful Springy colour. Happy Easter!

  • Reply Laura Nice

    Elizabeth Arden- 8 hour cream lip protectant stick, this sounds great as my lips are in need of some tlc and also the Essie nail varnish but then i am a huge nail varnish addict!
    Lovely blog!

  • Reply Natalie Crossan

    The urban decay pencil set 🙂 xx

  • Reply Penelope Hannibal

    The Urban Decay pencils, although all the prizes would be useful especially as a certain little person played with all my makeup & I am having to start from scratch 🙂

  • Reply Diana Croos

    The benifit – gimme brow 🙂

  • Reply Tracy Nixon

    The Pure Color Blush by Estee Lauder would be super and help give my cheeks some glow after the dull Winter!

  • Reply Jordan

    Pretty Rebel Palette

  • Reply Emma Chester

    The Elizabeth Arden lip protectant to go with my cream 🙂

  • Reply bethany dean

    This is an amazing giveaway!!
    I think the essie polish set for me, the colour is so pretty. But i also love Elizabeth Arden make up too 🙂

    polishedcouture.wordpress.com xo

  • Reply Heidi Cleveland

    The 8 hour cream lip protection stick

  • Reply Nicola Andrijauskas

    The pure color blush by estee lauder sounds great 🙂

  • Reply fiona mcgregor

    would be hapy to win any of it it all looks great

  • Reply Catherine Culmer

    The Too Faced – Pretty Rebel Pallet looks amazing.

    Thanks for the competition.


  • Reply Laura Caraher

    The Pretty Rebel pallet as the colours are gorgeous x

  • Leave a Reply