2 Months Old

August 28, 2012

My sweet baby girl is 2 months old today yet I feel like she has been in our lives forever. She has grown so much in the last month and is becoming such a little lady already (a little madam that is).


Amelia has come on so much in the last month. She is so much more alert and and happy within herself. She loves to smile and coo at us. At her 6 week check up the doctor booked us in for an ultrasound on her hips. She said they were a little clicky but most babies are and not to worry, she just wanted to make sure. I think she had missed a bad hip on a baby once and didn’t want to do it again. Her hips are PERFECT by the way!!! I take Pregnacare Breast-feeding supplements everyday so I can make sure that Amelia is getting everything she needs including 300mg of DHA to help promote her brain function, signalling and learning ability in later life.


Oh my…! When Amelia hit 5 weeks she turned into a mess of a baby. She became clingy tearful night and day. I knew right away what the problem was …SLEEP REGRESSION… I knew about this from when Luke was a baby but I didn’t remember it being so bad with him. On a good night we would go to bed at 10pm, I would change her and feed her and shush her to sleep and then it would hit…the cry,the cry of all cries. I would feed her again (maybe she just wanted a little top up), she would soon fall asleep again but wake as soon as I moved. I would feed her again and again and AGAIN…only after being at the boob for lets say…4 or more hours would she finally go to sleep and stay asleep. No amount or rocking, cuddling, shushing, singing to would get her to rest her little eyes. So I would get to sleep at about 4am in the end. I’m so thankful it’s over now but I bet it will be back with the next growth spurt.


She has started feeding a little more frequently now. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s getting bigger or if she has just been having back to back growth spurts for the past 2 weeks. She always plays with my boobs while she eats now which I think is just so sweet.


– She still also really loves watching her brother playing, she can keep her eyes on him for so long.
– Being close to us…she loves it when Will wears her (I think he likes it too – I’ve come in to find him bobbing around and singing to her when she’s been strapped to him)
-My boobies!!! She will hold my boob on both side while she feeds, it’s so cute and looks like she holding a bottle. She loves to snuggle into them after she eats too and I love that.
– She like to sit up and look around, mainly at things with contrasting colours but also faces.


– She still wont take a pacifier but I don’t really mind this although I do think it would help to settle her at times.
– Sleeping without a blanket over her. She always wakes up after 5 minutes if she isn’t covered up.


She wants to take everything she can in. She’ll watch everything and everyone and she gets frustrated when she can’t see anyone in the room with her (which makes it a little difficult to do things – like pee for example).
She LOVES to smile…this girl is becoming one hell of a smiler and it just melts my heart every time. She will be looking up at me after feeding and all of a sudden there it is. This huge beaming smile. It’s just so captivating. I LOVE IT!! I even caught a little giggle on camera and I mean a proper little laugh.

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  • Reply Emma

    I’m new to your blog and can’t get enough of it. I’ve been reading all your posts today. Your family are adorable and omg your children are so cute! I will defiantly follow the blog from now on. 🙂

    • Reply Lorraine

      I’m so glad you found and like the blog so much. That’s just what I wanted when I started writing it. Thanks for the lovely comments.

  • Reply Sarah

    What a beautiful baby girl and what a lot of hair! my son come out with lots too. I’m a new follower by the way and really liking your blog 🙂

  • Reply Lorraine

    Hi Sarah. Thank you so much. Please feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I’m adding your blog to me RSS Feed. Your blog is great. I’m working my way through your posts now!

  • Reply whisktoriamclean

    My little one is 10 weeks so it’s super lovely to read about Amelia’s development. Your blog is so beautifully presented. It puts mine to shame. How on earth do you find the time to make it so beautiful?!

    • Reply Lorraine

      Hi. First of all thank you! Luckily Will plays with her a bit in the evenings which gives me just about enough time to write up a few posts. Other than that I spent a lot of time before Amelia was born getting the layout how I wanted it. I would love to take a look at your blog but your Google Profile is coming up as not found. You can send me an e-mail from the contact me page if you like!

  • Reply Victoria

    Hi Lorraine, I have no idea why it won’t let you connect to my google id! My blog is themcleanhalladventure.blogspot.com , I forgot to mention my little one is an Amelia too!

    • Reply Lorraine

      I found it, thank you. Amelia seems to getting more popular. I hadn’t really heard it much before we where ttc but as soon as we decided on the name it started popping up all over the place. At the hospital the lady in the room next to me called her daughter Amelia and even the same middle name.

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