Guest Post: 3 ways to look stunning while pregnant

April 13, 2016

Pregnancy is a time of change in many ways. Your hormones can go wild and your body has a mind of its own; simple tasks can become challenging and overwhelming thoughts about your expectations for the arrival of your baby can be draining. Some of these changes you cannot control like hormones and other changes you can, like easing your worries through prenatal yoga.

I can accept these changes in a pregnant woman during this time, what is baffling is how some women, when they get pregnant, change their whole look and become completely different people. From chopping their hair off to have a more “practical” hairstyle, to the clothes they start to wear, for some women pregnancy is a time to cut all the frills and become practical machines, with only one purpose – that of being there for their baby.

3 ways to look stunning while pregnant

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The thing is, you can look stunning while pregnant (and even after, for a matter of fact!) in a short amount of time and without breaking the bank. You just have to know what you love and what feels comfortable and the following are three tips on how you can look stunning while pregnant.

Stick to your style

If you love your cool California girl style, rocking denim everywhere you go, then wearing maternity denim is all you need to transition your style to a pregnancy approved one. The same idea goes for any other style. Maternity wear is there to help you feel more comfortable when pregnant but it doesn’t mean you have to stick to only wearing maternity clothes. Mix maternity or breastfeeding dresses (if you have decided to invest in the latter to use them post pregnancy) with structured jackets or rock your skirts with maternity tops. Don black from head to toe if that is what you love and wear your leather jackets if you want to feel as edgy now, as when you were a wild child.

Frumpy vs stretchy

When your belly is growing, your hips are opening up and your breasts are getting bigger, the temptation is to go for loose clothing to hide whatever is expanding and to feel more comfortable. But wearing loose clothing will make you look frumpy and even bigger than you are. One option you should consider to feel comfortable and to accentuate, rather than hide, your new body, is by going for stretchy clothing. Dresses and tops that are tight but stretchy will make you look more elegant and you will not feel restricted because the material will widen as much as your body needs it to.

Lines over patterns

Unless you are a boho queen and you have mastered the art of rocking bold patterns and loose garments, clean lines and tonal colours are the easiest choices to make you look stunning when you are pregnant. Go for an all-white or an all-black ensemble. Rock clothing pieces with delicate architectural designs, rather than ones with a lot of frills and stay away from too much embellishment. The belly will draw enough attention, so these structured pieces with minimal colour will help you draw the right kind of attention and create a look that is subdued, chic and utterly sophisticated.

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