34 Week Midwife Appointment

May 17, 2012

Just got back from seeing the midwife. It wasn’t my usual one today and she had a student midwife with her. They seemed to think I was only just at the start of my pregnancy and were surprised when I handed my notes over and said I have 5 weeks to go.

I had all the normal things checked, my blood pressure and pulse, fundal height measurement, baby’s heartbeat (which was great, she seemed very excited in there). They also tested my urine and it came back with a trace of protein but neither of them seemed worried about it so I guess we will just see what happens with that.

I really dont think the student midwife should have been the one taking my blood, although it was painless, as soon as the needle was in blood started dripping out from around where it had gone in and now I’ve been left with a horrible looking arm.

Well that was it really, short I know but after that they just sent me on my way…nice huh!

Will was working today so couldn’t go with me but I had Luke and we walked there . Let me just say, I don’t think I’ll be doing that walk again anytime soon. By the time I got there I felt like baby girl was just about to pop out, and I was having really faint contractions (more than likely just Braxton Hicks as I didn’t have any pain) but it’s good to know my body is heading in the right direction.

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