36 Week Midwife Appointment

May 30, 2012

My midwife appointment was really good today. There was no more signs of protein in my urine and my blood pressure is perfect so looks like I was worrying about pre eclampsia for no reason! My fundal height is measuring on and baby girl is still is position although not engaged yet.

The midwife said I seemed really happy today and much brighter than I have been the last few months, she’s happy that I’m no longer getting sick and that everything has now sorted itself out. I will be seeing her again on the 13th of June and I will only have 11 days left till my due date then so fingers crossed she we will find that baby girl is engaged. She may also check to see if I’m dilated at all and may do a sweep (not too sure on that though).

We have a follow up with the Haematologist tomorrow but I think that will be the last time we see her as my Platelets are now back to normal (think I have already said that).

I walked down again today but no sign of any contractions from it, maybe it’s just because I was pushing Luke around last time. I guess time will tell over the next few weeks.

Eeeeee….just thought, I will be FULL TERM in just 4 short days!!!

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