38 Week Midwife Appointment

June 13, 2012

Ok so I have been to see my midwife and everything looks good. I’m booked in to see her again 3 days after my due date (which is when I had Luke so hopefully would of had baby girl before then). If on the chance that I haven’t had her then I will get a stretch and sweep on the 3rd July (41 weeks and 3 days). I’m hoping that doesn’t need to be done and that I go into labour on my own but we will see.

Baby girl is still not engaged but the midwife said that some don’t until labour starts so not to worry as she is very low down. She is on track size wise and has a lovely strong heartbeat which melted me a little when I heard it. Lucky I was laying down otherwise I may have gone a little week in the knees and fallen over.

My blood pressure and urine sample were all great, she had to take some blood again as the Haematologist asked for yet another vile full. At least they are looking out for me, wouldn’t want my Platelets to drop again. They are currently 245,000 which is wonderful.

Other than that not much happened, she asked if I had any questions and she told me that even though I had to have a c-section with Luke that as I did labour with him I should be ok to get induced if need be, rather than having another section. Apparently the fact that I labored is a sign that my body will take well to induction. I no way want to have to endure the recovery of a c-section again.

That reminds me, once baby girl is here I will do a post on the difference between my births and go into more detail at why it ended up going the way it did with Luke.

I think that’s everything for now but before I go I just need to have a little rant. This morning I thought I would check the status of my camera and low behold they have put the delivery back again. They are now saying the date will be the day before I’m due. Can you believe it. Looks like we may have to borrow a camera off a family member just in case baby girl comes before the camera does, which right now, I’m starting to think is what will happen…. Rant over!!

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