3D Chili diet system

February 12, 2015

Diet pills can be quite a controversial topic. Many times have I read things in the media and online about how they do or don’t work; about how bad they are for you and also how some are actually good for you with lots of good ingredients that are great for the body and really can help to aid weight loss.

Last year I was contacted by a company that really intrigued me with the weight loss supplement that they produce. Made of 100% natural ingredients the 3D Chili diet system has an array of not just healthy but also totally delicious and aromatic ingredients that your body will be happy to absorb and that will all aid in weight loss and healthy body function.

3D Chili diet system

The 3D Chili diet system consists of three different pills that you take throughout the day (you can also double up and take 6 pills a day to TURBO the results).

Morning Pill

This is a little yellow gem that kick starts your metabolism and also reduces your appetite to keep sweet cravings at bay.

Inside the morning pill you’ll find Ginger, Turmeric, White Beans and Garcinia Cambogia.

Ginger is great for supporting the digestive systems and contributes to the normal function of the intestinal tract.

Lunch Pill

This red pill is not as scary as it looks. It works to burn fat and calories.

Inside the lunch pill you’ll find Guarana, Capsaicin, Grapefruit Pectin and Flaxseed Oil.

Capsaicin contributes to a healthy and steady weigh reduction.

Evening Pill

The calm of green, this pill helps to removes toxins from the body.

Inside the evening pill you’ll find Chlorella, Acia Berry and Green Tea.

Chlorella can beneficially aid the function of the gallbladder, liver and kidneys in detoxifying the body.

3D Chili diet system

With some of the packages you will also receive sachets of flaxseed oil with Capsaicin which are really great for your body and mind. You can put this on salads (it’s amazing drizzled over avocado and spinach), use in cooking or even add to smoothies.

Capsaicin: reduces the amount of calories and body weight while suppressing your appetite.
Flaxseed Oil: is great for the nervous system, prevents mood disorders and helps with concentration. Flaxseed Oil also minimizes the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular problems and hypertension.

In every package you’ll find a diet plan that is printed as a very practical and easy to use calendar. Now before you start thinking, no it’s not a ‘let’s only eat lettuce diet’ in this plan you have 5 meals a day which we all know is wonderful for the body as smaller more frequent meals are digested much easier by the body and also stop bloating an feeling overly full or stuffy after meals.

I’ve been very impressed with the 3D Chili diet system. I love that it’s so healthy and that it actually works and I know that if I’m in need to something to help with weigh tloss again I will be able to count on  it again and again.

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  • Reply Carolina F

    I’m one of those people that don’t think pills work but I’ll have to admit that these do sound interesting. It nice that they don’t have any bad or questionable ingredients so they’re not going to be doing any harm! Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply Luna

    This is so popular where I live. So many people swear by it and I really like it too. It’s helped me to loose weight slowly and healthily.

  • Reply Annika

    Love the Flax Oil. So yummy on salads x

  • Reply Amelia Beaumont

    Do you really taste the chilli as I don’t get on well with hot/spicy foods.

  • Reply Roxy

    I haven’t heard of this before. Sounds pretty good 🙂 xx

  • Reply Krystyna

    Nice to see some natural weight loss supplements out there!

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