5 Comfort Tips For Your Workouts

September 4, 2013

When it comes to starting a fitness routine, many people think it’s all about discipline. You’ll hear plenty of frequent exercisers claiming that once they forced themselves into routines, exercise became a habit or addiction. And indeed, this is certainly part of the equation. It does take discipline to put your body through a regular exercise routine. However, one of the most common reasons that people end up working out inconsistently actually has nothing to do with mental discipline or physical ability – it has to do with comfort!


Working out, in many ways, is a naturally irritating activity. We get hot and sweaty, our clothes rub up against us in unusual ways, our muscles grow tired, and in many cases, we get bored. All of these issues can make exercise quite unappealing, which of course can lead to a rather unenthusiastic fitness effort! So here are 5 tips on how to keep your workouts comfortable and interesting.

1. Find The Right Shoes

Particularly when just getting started with a routine, many of us simply grab the most visually appealing or the cheapest pair of running shoes or trainers. However, this can lead to miserable discomfort, and even some actual health issues. Speak to a doctor, personal trainer, or even an employee at a store like Footlocker about which shoes will best suit your build, and your style of running. The right shoes can make a world of difference.

2. Get Set Up With Music

Relying on a single workout playlist, with ordinary headphones, is a big mistake for both comfort and interest. Invest in some good, sweat-resistant workout headphones that will endure your workouts and be comfortable while you’re exercising. As for playlists, try to keep things varied and interesting. You may even just want to use www.pandora.com/uk and let it run with interesting new music!

3. Find The Right Contacts

Working out in glasses or goggles can be miserable – uncomfortable, unclear, etc. – so you’ll almost certainly want to wear contacts. However, take the time to visit www.acuvue.co.uk to make sure you have the right lenses. Working out can lead to dry eyes, and there are multiple types of lenses that combat this discomfort.

4. Invest In Workout Clothing

Many of us try to keep things cheap by working out in old clothes, or those we don’t mind getting sweaty. However, traditional cotton, ordinary undergarments, etc. can be irritating during exercise. It may be a bit more expensive, but consider athletic apparel from a site like www.underarmour.com for more comfortable options.

5. Warm Up & Cool Down

Finally, the best way to ensure workout comfort is to warm up and “cool down” diligently. This means hydrating before and after workouts, stretching thoroughly (not just for 5 minutes), and perhaps icing sore areas or bathing after exercise. These methods will keep your body loose, fit and comfortable with exercise.

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