5 Insider Tips on How to Design and Organize a Dreamy Closet

November 20, 2018

The closet is a special place in every home. It’s not just a place where you can leisurely throw away your clothes, no, a closet is a unique space that should emanate a certain emotional vibe, and feeling of belonging, of love, of privacy and comfort. After all, how else do you expect to feel good about yourself when you look at the reflection in the mirror if your closet is messy and the surroundings are everything but pleasing to look at?

This is why your walk-in closet deserves a special touch, preferably by an interior designer who acknowledges the importance of a well-maintained wardrobe. Here is the inside scoop that will bring style, flair, and functionality into the mix.

Don’t keep your shoes on the floor

The first thing every closet designer would tell you is that your shoes have no place on the floor, no, not even neatly aligned against the walls or the cabinets. If you keep your shoes on the ground, you not only risk damaging them inadvertently when passing by, but you’re also forcing yourself to bend down every time you need to select the pair of the day, which is just counterproductive.

Instead, a well-organized closet should boast shoe rails, racks, or shelves. These should be positioned somewhere around knee-height, and they should be slightly slanted forward to expose the whole shoe for aesthetics and functionality.

Organize your accessories

Hats, gloves, stockings, belts, handbags, every modern closet needs to have these and many other accessories ready to be taken out at a moment’s notice. One of the surefire ways to drive the form and function of a closet straight into the ground is to not know where these accessories are. They need to be organized, and meticulously positioned in a single area of the closet for easy access and detection – just imagine trying to find the one pair of silk stockings you need in a messy drawer full of lingerie.

Instead, you want to use shelves for your handbags, hats, and belts, while your delicates should be kept in organized drawers. Keep your tops in one drawer, and bottoms in the other. Place socks and stockings in the third drawer and don’t forget to place dividers in for easy navigation.

Make it comfy and overly cozy

One of the most important elements in closet design is the overarching feeling of intimacy and comfort that permeates every inch of the room. If you have a window, no-frill full-length curtains are a must. Next, consider introducing floor rug for an added touch of class and that feeling of comfort and coziness, a beautiful fluffy piece that can accommodate essential decor accents such as a comfy armchair and a freestanding mirror.

Every garment should have its place

Meticulous organization in closet design is key. Now that your shoes are properly stacked and your accessories are all neatly organized in their drawers and cabinets, it’s time to address the main issue – garment organization. This is the toughest of all closet-styling tasks, and it usually tends to fall through if you’re not careful and consistent in your approach.

Keep in mind that if you’re not organized, soon enough you will just start putting things wherever there is an empty spot, which will make it impossible to find your way around the clutter and the mess. This is why you should devote one wall to your top garments, and the other for your bottom garments. These should be neatly organized on wooden hangers, and don’t forget to devote some overhead storage for off-season items.

Lighting, reflection, and accents

Lastly, you can introduce a couple of finishing touches. The lighting in the room will play a vital role in influencing your mood and helping you pick out the winning combination, so you will need one grand overhead light, and a couple of complementary freestanding lights on each side of the mirror. Speaking of, the mirror should be able to give you an accurate, whole-body reflection with no distortion so chose a grand freestanding piece for that much-needed breath of aesthetics and functionality.

Designing the walk-in closet you always wanted is a fun and rewarding task, one where you can let the interior designer in you flourish and bring a breathtaking setting to life. With these interior design tips in mind, the closet of your dreams is just a few steps away.

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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