5 Months Old

November 28, 2012

Someone is 5 months old today and her name is Amelia. If you read my last post you will know that Amelia has come on leaps and bounds in the last week. She has started rolling over, army crawling and sitting up all in the same week.

You have grown up so much in this past month and have become a bundle of energy now that you can move. You love rolling over and watching yourself in the mirror on your play mat and it’s just the cutest sight ever…yes, mummy has got a little tearful at the sight. Your just growing up so quickly and each month seems to get quicker than the last.

You’re always smiling and so excited to see and touch new things! You love any toy the crinkles or rattles and have a whale of a time shaking it and tapping it on the floor and eating it of course.

You still love our cuddle time, snuggling in tight to my body and then you will look up at me with your gorgeous blue eyes and throw me a shy little smile before tucking back into me. We get a lot more cuddle time now that you are awake so much more throughout the day, we cuddle when your nursing, when we play and just when you want a little comfort. For me, the best time is when you’re nursing, I love holding you close and feeling your warm breath on my skin as you wrap your arms around my breast and snuggle in as you fill your little tummy.

You have taken a real shine to daddy now and always light up whenever you see him, I love watching you together and seeing the love you have for each other. I know that I need to take as much of you in before you become a full on daddy’s girl. You have also fallen head over heals with your brother this last month. You love to laugh at him and play with him.

You’ve been taking a massive interested in our food lately which is making me feel more and more confident about going the baby led weaning route with you once your fully ready and capable. I think by the time you’re 6 months you will be ready to start but if not I know you will be perfectly fine on breast milk alone for a while longer.

You are such a morning person, as soon as you wake up you’re full of smiles and giggles but you really don’t like night time. You get tired and upset really quickly and the only way to calm you down is to take you up to bed and feed you in the dark, you always nurse to sleep each night and we have made a great routine with it.

You’re still rolling when we put you on your play mat, you can go tummy to back and back to tummy, I really don’t know how you woke up one morning and just seemed to know what to do. You move so quickly,I turned my back for 1 second the other day and Luke runs to me and says “look Mummy” and to my disbelieve you have gotten yourself over the other side of the room. (I think we may be needing to have a move around of the sofas and make you a safe play corner).

One of the sweetest things this month is that you have learnt o give kisses…rather than doing your old method (opening your mouth as wide as you can) you will now put your lips together then pull them apart to make a pop sound, it’s really too cute!

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