5 Ways LED Lighting Can Complement and Enhance Your Home Décor

March 13, 2019

Illumination is an important element which is often overlooked when it comes to home décor. A beautifully furnished room can quickly become bland with poor lighting.

Light emitting diodes, better known as LED lights are an integral part of interior home design nowadays due to their many benefits. Including lifespan, colouration, versatility and style.

Here are some ways in which LED lighting can complement and enhance your home décor…

1. Recessed LED Fittings

Many modern ceiling lights are now LED’s, in fact they are often used as recessed ceiling lights. Without a doubt, changing a bulb in a home fitting that’s been recessed into a ceiling is a difficult thing to do; therefore, LEDs are at most times chosen because of their long lifespan (up to 25 years in some cases!). Recessed LED lights typically require just conventional wiring, but at times there may be need of control fixtures to regulate the flow of power.

Put simply, LED’s use less energy, produce more light and last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs… what’s not to love!?

2. Enlighten The Kitchen

LEDs make kitchens look uber stylish, particularly if you love to entertain your guests there. Using LED fittings beneath wall mounted storage areas can work perfectly to flood countertops with amazing light. This is most suitable when you are cooking, without making the kitchen too bright for your guests. Let your kitchen look sophisticated and modern by putting LEDs at ankle height beneath your floor mounted storage units. Let the cool light flow across the floor.

3. LED’s are versatile

Due to the way that LED’s are manufactured, they are able to be crafted into some truly magnificent looking pieces. The ability to adapt the light source into various shapes means that there are endless possibilities for the styles that could be created. This means that you can easily enhance and compliment your home’s décor. Take a look at the examples below which showcase their versatility.

4. Change Colours to Suit your Mood

LEDs offer a myriad of colour choices. You can use a splash of colour to brighten dull areas of your home. Some LED lights come with the blue, green and red diodes, which can be set to whatever colour you want. To do this you need to vary the relative intensity of those primary colours using control gear. Simple computer software lets you program the switching of colours to suit your mood and in some cases they are compatible with your smart home device; meaning you can change the colours with your voice!

5. Use Your Imagination

With LEDs you are free to use your imagination as they can be utilised in ways that conventional lights cannot. Think of new ways to use them such as back lighting a wall screen, mixing with retro lights, or blending with other design elements to make innovative, special effects in your house. There are many designer lighting options out there that can help you to more about how to incorporate LEDs in your home.

Check out this fab light buying guide for some designer lighting options that can improve the décor of your home.

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