6 Months Old

December 28, 2012

In the last month Amelia has experienced two new firsts…her first Christmas and her first solid food.

You are half a year old today and I’m so in love with you my sweet baby girl.

At 5 months, 3 weeks and 4 days you decided to you wanted to eat my peach and gabbed it from me. Since then she you’ve been trying small bits of different kinds of foods through Babyled Weaning (I will do a separate post about this). I quickly reached for the camera and got some lovely photos of you trying out your first solid food. It was so such an adorable sight, you were so focused on licking it, shoving it in your mouth and eating it, you did so well (even with it being slippery) and every time you dropped it you would look at it and smile then reach out for it (a sign which lets me know that you are ready to start Babyled Weaning).

Amelia is 6 months
Amelia is 6 months 8Amelia is 6 months 3

3 days ago you had your very first Christmas and it was just magical. You were so happy and good for the entire day. You had so many gifts from your family and so many more cuddles.

At 6 months you’re such a happy little baby girl, you’re smiling all the time and you laugh at everything. All mummy and daddy have to do is look at you and your cute little mouth becomes a beaming smile that turns to a giggle.

You still love your tummy time and rolling around on your play mats. You have recently realised that toys are fun things to laugh at. Some of your Christmas gifts (which I will also share in another post) have got you really fascinated and you just love them! It’s such a joy to see you waving your arms around with toys in your hands while you laugh so loudly.

Amelia is 6 months 9

You’re slowly getting stronger when it comes to sitting but tend to lean forward a lot while you do it and you can’t stay up for very long but I think you will have it sussed really soon. You do however love to stand and always want to stand on my lap rather than sit on it. You have such strong legs!

In the last few days you have been so much more vocal and I think (sadly for me) that you are very close to saying da-da (I’m sure daddy will be thrilled when you get it) mostly you come out with excited squeals and screeches with a few agoo’s thrown in.

You’re still not a fan of bath time, you really will kick up and make a huge fuss about it. You do seem to enjoy it  little more if someone is in the there with you though so it may be that you need that to feel safe.

I can’t wait to see what you start doing next.

Amelia is 6 months 6Amelia is 6 months 5

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