7 Months Old

February 14, 2013

My sweet baby girl, just over two weeks ago you turned 7 months old and I really can’t get my head around how quickly it went. How quickly you’ve grown and how much you have changed.

You may remember how last month I said that you had started baby led weaning. Well, you kind of changed your mind a few days later and stopped being interested in our food but don’t worry…you have been loving exploring foods for the last few weeks and you now enjoy sucking and chewing on these: carrots, broccoli, potatoes, peppers, peaches, plums and bananas.

7 Months Old 3

You still can’t sit up on your own and I’m not really sure if I should be worried about it or not. Maybe it will come in the next month, I’ll make a note to let you know. You have however started trying to crawl and it’s just oh so cute…

You have been saying mama and dada a lot more in the last week and it’s mainly once you wake up from a nap and when your playing with your toys. My heart melts each and every time you say it.

You have become such a bubbly baby this last month and you are so much fun to be with and play with. You will just spend hours giggling with me while we play peek-a-boo and sing songs.

7 Months Old 1

7 Months Old 2

7 Months Old 4

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