8 Months Old

March 12, 2013

My sweet sweet baby girl, just short of two weeks ago you turned 8 months old and you are sweeter, more fun and more animated than ever. You are so much fun to be around and you have a real knack for making everyone giggle with you.

You are still breastfeeding and it’s still as amazing as ever. It is by far still one of the best times we spend together, we cuddle up and you feed while I watch your sweet little face.  You are still currently breastfeeding about 12-18 times in a 24 hour period which yes I know is a huge amount but it’s what you want and I have no complaints.

8 Months Old

You’re not yet sleeping through the night but you only wake up to feed and most of the time you will sleep while nursing. To be honest I love cuddling up to you at night time while you nurse.

You have been trying your hardest to crawl and have started your own method of getting around. You will either roll and continue to roll until you get to your required location or the most recent your will caterpillar around. This is where you lift your bum right up in the air and balance on your head and toes then you slide along and start it all over again. It really does look like you’re a caterpillar and it’s super funny…you love to roll over after a few and giggle at me about it.

8 Months Old 2

The most amazing milestone of your this past two weeks is that you have started saying your third word and this one really came as a surprise!!! We were laying in bed one morning and you just came out with it, then again and again and AGAIN… This new word of yours is Brother!! I am so shocked as it’s a tough word for a little baby but i’m guessing it’s because you hear it about 50 times a day when we are watching your brother play. SO…you can now say (and I mean really say, so many times each day!) Mama, Dada and Brother. You also LOVE to scream and make these sounds that almost remind me of a baby elephant.

You are so big now, you are fitting perfectly into you 6-9 month clothes. You have the cutest chunky legs and you are so tall!! You don’t have any teeth yet and your gums feel just as they always have and you still continue to chew on everything so maybe you know something I don’t..

You are loving playing with your toys right now, you always start to laugh when you see the ones you like the most like you Lamaze Horse. You have also become fascinated with your brothers toy cars and will happily play with them with him. I love watching you play and laugh together!

8 Months Old 3

Daddy has been home for a few days as he has some time off from work and you are enjoying spending more time with him. You have such a great time playing with his face and poking his nose and chin, oh and pinching, boy have you got a strong pinch in those little finger of yours! You are always pinching on mummy and daddy when we play.

Staying on the subject of daddy, you are such a water baby. You normally go in the bath with daddy so he can hold you while I wash your hair. You have been going wild splashing you arms in the water recently and i’m sure you deliberately do it in a way so that you splash your face with lots of water. Daddy also holds you so you can kick about and have a little swim which is so sweet to watch. You really do get from one side of the bath to the other and quickly too! I can’t wait to take you swimming for the first time.

You have become such a FOODAHOLIC…you love eating all of a sudden and it’s amazing to see you try new foods and watch all the expressions you come out with when trying new flavours. I’m excited share so many new foods with you as your appetite grows.

Well my sweet little girl that’s everything for this month. Mummy, daddy and brother love you lots and lots.

8 Months Old 5
8 Months Old 4

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