9 Best Foods to Eat for Healthier Skin

September 5, 2018

Everyone wants healthier skin. But what if the answer existed in what you eat instead of inside of a bottle?

People pay millions each year on new beauty products and advanced anti-aging items. In fact, according to Reuters, in 2016 the Global Anti-Aging Market was worth an approximate $250 billion dollars and is expected to continue growing.

Maintaining a youthful, dewy appearance is on the minds of many. And its not just for women anymore.

According to sources, the trend for men to use anti-aging products has particularly taken off with the millennial crowd.

“Traditionally, men weren’t taught to look for problems with their skin,” says CoastSouthwest.com. “Just to cleanse it; now there are products ranging from cleansers to densifying shampoos and hand cream age spot correctors.”

Whether you are male or female, or are in your 20s or 70s, aging tips are for everyone.

However, if you are on the younger side, it is important to not wait until you notice signs of aging to try these following 9 best foods to eat for healthier skin:

  • Broccoli: has vitamin C and several B vitamins. These provide the body with much needed nutrients. These nutrients help to replenish and rejuvenate skin.
  • Avocados: are a lost cost way to improve skin. The best anti-aging tips are those that don’t cost a lot of money. According to the Mayo Clinic, many over-the-counter creams designed to target signs of aging and wrinkles are actually not that effective. Why are these the 9 best foods to eat for healthier skin? Because these foods contain essential fatty amino acids, and other skin-nourishing vitamins that prevent aging.
  • Fatty fish: contain an abundant amount of omega 3s and other fatty acids which hydrate and refresh skin for a better look.
  • Tomatoes: contain lycopene and other elements which can actually be found in a selection of anti-wrinkle creams. Do anti-wrinkle creams work? Some say yes while others stick firmly with no. If an anti-wrinkle cream is to work, it is important that it contains the right ingredients.

As mentioned, above, certain elements can work to improve skin’s quality while combating signs of aging caused by natural, environmental, or other factors. Looking for an anti-wrinkle cream? Pay close attention to what is in it, and try samples before buying in bulk, just to see if you notice any improvement within a moderate amount of time.

Another tip for looking for anti-wrinkle creams: if you have to guess too hard after months if it is working, chances are, it is probably not.

  • Red or yellow bell peppers: contain vitamin C and other nutrients which promote healthy telomeres. telomeres are largely responsible for cell activity.

“Telomeres, which shorten with each cell division,” writes Thrive Global, “help determine how fast your cells age and when they die, depending on how quickly they wear down.”

According to this site, telomers may even be able to communicate with the body, and respond to how you live.

“The foods you eat, your response to emotional challenges,” says Thrive Global, “the amount of exercise you get, whether you were expose to childhood stress, and even the level of trust and safety in your neighborhood,” they say, “all of these factors and more appear to influence your telomeres…”

  • Blueberries: are high in antioxidants which are known to remove free radicals, which can cause aging. Free radicals are things found in the environment, such as air pollution, and other catalysts for change within our body that can be found nearly anywhere.

  • Green Tea: contains elements such as polyphenols which promote detoxification and healthy skin. Anti-aging results and success work differently for different people, as everyone has a different lifestyle, background, homelife and skin type. Part of a healthy aging process is discovering how skin stem cells.

For example, some individuals suffer from cells which lead to premature aging, while others have cells that regenerate efficiently and can look years younger than they actually are. So, how do you properly care for skin with this process in mind?

“We need to start thinking of food as medicine,” says oothy.com, “because our diet plays a huge role in our body’s regeneration cycles.”

Foods that contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, polyphenols, and even antimicrobials, are beneficial in keeping all the body’s functions at their best, while improving the overall appearance of skin, also.

  • Dark chocolate: is another great source of antioxidants, containing elements that are said to increase blood flow and circulation, improving the look of skin overall. In a recent study, researchers claim they found dark chocolate to actually provide benefits indicating the food item was able to reverse the negative effects of aging. This happens because dark chocolate has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, which is linked to aging.

  • Walnuts: Walnuts are single-seeded fruits loaded with antioxidants that combat the free radicals which lead to skin damages. These nourishing fats attract the moisture from the air and soothe the dry skin. Healthy fats are said to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help fewer the breakouts and maintain healthy glow of the skin.


According to sources, skin and hair cells are constantly going through regeneration throughout our entire lifetime. On average, the entire organ of skin on the body weighs around an average of six pounds. Skin, sources say, also has the ability to renew itself on an average of around every 27 days.

“Proper skin care is essential to maintaining the health and vitality of this protective organ,” writes WebMD.

However, according to the Mayo Clinic, those best anti-aging products and anti-wrinkle creams typically contain certain ingredients, which have shown to be effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the past.

“The effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams depends in part on the active ingredient or ingredients,” write the Mayo Clinic.

Some of these ingredients include the following:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Retinol
  3. Peptides
  4. Green tea and other tea extracts
  5. Grape seed extract

Individually, the abovementioned ingredients have indicated a level of success in preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The beauty, cosmetic, and anti-aging industry is a multi-billion-dollar business. Everyone gets older. It is only natural. However, by preventing certain environmental and other factors from wreaking havoc on your skin, you may be able to slow down and even prevent signs of aging and wrinkles.

One important tip is to eat right and get adequate nutrition for skin cell regeneration and overall body health. When one thing within the body is off or not functioning properly, it can throw other parts off, and even affect a person’s overall appearance and the vitality of their skin.

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