Acne Prescriptions vs. Over-The-Counter Facial Scrubs (Which are Better?)

March 28, 2018

No matter what age you are, acne is annoying. You can try makeup to cover it up, but if you want to clear it up, there are many available acne prescriptions or even over-the-counter facial scrubs.

One issue remains though: which one is better?

In the quest to clear your face, you might try anything that comes your way, but before you pick up any new product, check to see which treatment wins when it comes to healthy skin.

Benefits of Acne Prescriptions

Perhaps you’ve been trying out regular products from the store for a while now and you find that they just aren’t working. If you want something that will really clear your skin, stop by your dermatologist to get a prescription for acne medication.

Treatment and Prevention

Not only will these medications control your acne, but they’ll help you avoid scarring, and even make existing scars less noticeable. This is because you reduce the production of oil in your skin with a prescription, speeding up your cells, which will fight bacteria and prevent inflammation.

To put it simply: less acne, and less scarring, all at once. Your skin will feel clearer and smoother and will be more likely to remain acne-free in the future.

Multiple Options

If you can’t swallow a pill, acne prescriptions come in many different forms. Talk to your doctor about which one will work best for you, or if topical creams will work. A simple cream is easy to add into your daily routine, as long as you can remember to apply the medication at the right times on a clean face.

Let your doctor know what your schedule is like, and they can recommend either a topical or oral prescription that will work best for you. With medicine, you can rest assured that your treatment has been proven to work.

Benefits of Over-The-Counter Facial Scrubs

If you’re not ready to talk to your doctor just yet, there are always over-the-counter scrubs you can try. Scrubs do not have the medicine that prescriptions do, but they can still help clean your face to prevent future breakouts.

Cleanse the Skin

When you scrub your face, you clean away all the dirt, oil sweat, and flakes. All those dead skin cells will be removed, allowing you to open up those pores and reduce existing acne or the possibility of acne in the future.

You may even notice that your skin is smoother too to accompany the clearer complexion.

Removing Annoyances

With the right scrub, you can remove your acne scars, dark patches, and even prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair. Look around to find the right combination of ingredients of the product you’re considering to see if it might help you get rid of some common acne problems.


If you’re like many people out there, you’ve probably tried everything the store has to offer when it comes to over-the-counter facial scrubs. Of course, these scrubs do work for some people, but it might be difficult to find the best one amongst all of them stacked together and may feel like more effort than it’s worth. To be sure you’re getting the best treatment for your acne, talking to your doctor about a prescription is your best option.

Not only will you clear up your skin, but you’ll prevent new breakouts and reduce scarring with just a pill or a cream. The best part is: your doctor will do all the work for you. You just have to apply the medication when you get home.

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