Amelia 13-16 Months Old

November 11, 2013

Hey guys so this post has been a long time coming and I’m sorry I’ve gotten behind on Amelia’s monthly updates but here I am with her 13-16 month update. So here we go!

13-16 Months Old 2


My sweet, clever baby girl,

Words cannot describe how much you’ve grown over the last 3 months. You’ve become sweeter and cuter, more clever, more vocal and more amazing with each and every day that’s passed. You’re just one huge bundle of sunshine smiles and giggles.

In your last update (12 months) you may remember me telling you that you managed to stand up without holding onto anything, well, that’s long gone, you are now up on your feet running around like a trooper all day long. You are so active and want to be on the all the time. nothing makes you happier than running around and playing with your big brother. You can climb up the stairs (which scares me half to death which is why I haven’t let you try coming down yet – not even with our help), you get onto everything from our bed to sofas and chairs and your toy chest. You love to kick a football around and run after it and you can even catch a ball if thrown to you.

The day you turned 15 months was the last day you breastfed and I’m actually really sad about it but thats for another post when I get some time to write it. You feed yourself all the time now and have even mastered how to use a spoon without tipping it’s contents before it reaches your mouth and also a fork, which is amazing. i love watching you figure out the best way to either stab or scoop up for meals. As you stopped nursing you are now on full cows milk and boy do you LOVE it. You also like to drink water but aren’t really very keen on juice.

In the last few months you’ve began to fall in love with anything musical and you love playing on your drums and with your guitar plus OMG do you like to sing (well, i call it singing but it’s more like do’s and dar’s in a tune). I definitely think music is something we will be pursuing with you for as long as you continue to like it.

Your brain runs like a machine…you understand EVERYTHING and I really do mean EVERYTHING! For example if I say:

Please can you get your shoes for mummy? – You go and get them.
You see me drinking a cup of tea – you’ll come up and say HAWT HAWT because just know that it’s hot.
When we put you in your jammies – you say na night

I could just go on and on about things you know and understand but this kind of moves me on to your speech.

When you turned 13 months I did a post about how your speech was coming along. SInce then you have added so many new words, not all of which you say that regularly but when you do they are so clear and well pronounced. Just a few of these new words are: Green, Blue, Stars, Moon, Bye Bye, Brush (as in tooth brush – you love brushing your teeth) Dinner, Yog Yog (yoghurt) and many many more.

Recently you picked up on how to put your shoes on although you can’t fasten them yet but they do have a buckle ( I think f they were velcrow then you’d get it) You can also put your coat on and get one leg of your bottoms on.

Since you stopped nursing (like the exact same day) you have been sleeping through the night which has been lovely for mummy and daddy but I think also for you. It’s given you a better routine and helped you understand the layout of the day. With sleeping, you still have a nap during the day but it’s now only just the one at around 12 (just after you have your lunch).

You are changing every day and we love to watch you grow and learn new things. I’m looking forward to what happens over the next few months.

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