Amelia 17 – 19 Months Old

February 28, 2014

My Dear Baby Girl,

The stories I could tell you from the last three months. You would never believe some of the things I’d say.

In the last month you have learned to get dressed all by yourself and it’s so cute to watch as you put your trousers on then stand up and wiggle your little bum into them. You can put your tops and dresses on too, not to mention your socks and shoes – boy do you like to wear shoes! (even if they’re not yours).

Your the worlds biggest chatter box. It’s non-stop chatter chatter giggle giggle from you. You’ll sit and have conversations with your brother or babble away to yourself about nothing. You sometimes just start shouting things and then laugh at me.

Somehow you know how to use my phone and will navigate your way through to the games and calculator on there. Oh and you love to talk to Siri!

You are into music even more than ever and you love to dance and sing to songs you know (mainly twinkle twinkle) but you will dance to anything. You shake your little bum and wave your hands in the air it’s so funny. You’ll burst into laughter at yourself.


You’ve stopped sleeping through the night. I don’t know how I should feel about this. I’m pretty tired as you’ve began to wake up every 3-4 hours again. I’m not sure if you’re having a long/slow growth spurt or if it’s because your teething. I just know it’s been going to for a few months and I’m well, a little bummed by it. Mummy wants to sleep!

This leads me onto teething. Your teeth have always been really slow to come through. Up until a month ago you only had 5 teeth but you’ve not got another 5 coming in at the same time (molars may I add) but they don’t seen to by causing you too much stress which I’m thankful for. I’m not too sure you know what your teeth really are as when you feel them you kind of start to gag and spit out lots of saliva (as if you think something bad is in your mouth).

You still drink an awful lot of milk. I swear you will never be able to break a bone as you take in so much calcium. I get a little worried sometime as I think you should be drinking less milk and eating more food. You do eat 3 times a day though so I think your ok at the moment.

In exactly four months you’re going to be 2 years old how is that even possible?? This year is going so quickly.

We all love you sweet heart – Until your next update, lets have lots of fun xx

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