Apicare New Zealand Travel Gift Pack

June 12, 2014

I’m one of those people that discover new products or brands and just know that I will love them.

Apicare New Zealand is one of those companies and I cannot get enough of them.  Apicare New Zealand brings us the finest ‘naturally active’ skin care products using Manuka Honey to nourish and protect your skin naturally.

All the Apicare New Zealand skincare is hypoallergenic, pH balanced, contain no Parabens, no artificial colours, no sodium lauryl sulphate and no propylene glycol or any other nasties.

Apicare New Zealand Travel Gift Pack

Today I want so share a love trio set with you which focuses on the whole body and comes in lovely travel sized tubes which all hold 70ml (which is a lot for travel sized). Inside the Apicare Travel Gift Pack you will find:

Repair Me Intensive Hand Cream

Being a lover of hand creams I am very happy with this product.

First of all, it smells amazing! It’s sweet and almost lemony. The first thing I said when smelling it was ‘oh wow‘.

The cream itself is really soothing and nourishing while not being greasy over heavy on the skin. It rubs and absorbs in quickly leaving hands feeling as smooth as a new-born baby.

I find this great for any dry areas such as elbows, knees and my toes. We have also been using it on our daughter as she has recently had what looks like a small patch of exam pop up on her arm and using this has helped it so much.

It contains some wonderful ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract and Evening Primrose Oil. Not to mention these two Hero Ingredients:

Hero Ingredient – Calendula oil: Calendula oil is a truly magical oil and has been used for hundreds of years in skin care.  High in carotenes, phytosterols and polyphenols Calendula oil promotes skin healing & cell regeneration.  Excellent for all kinds of skin damage and backed up with plenty of substantial scientific evidence. Calendula oil combined with our active 16+ Manuka Honey makes a powerful combination.

Hero Ingredient – Manuka Honey: Some Manuka Honey has a ‘Unique Manuka Factor’ (UMF) which refers to its level of non-peroxide antibacterial activity.  This factor provides an additional potent anti-bacterial action on top of the usual antibacterial abilities of all honeys. It has also been shown to diffuse deeper into skin tissues.

Cleanse Me 4 in 1 Wash

What an amazingly functional product this is. Whoever thought there would be a wash for face, hair, hands and body?? All I can say it that this works a treat!

Unlike a lot of washing products, this is soap free which I really like. It has a lovely array of ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, New Zealand 16+ Active Manuka Honey and Essential Oils of Lavender, Lemon, Geramium Bourbon, Frankincense and Rose.

Saving Face

Oh my god this moisturiser is such a treat for the skin. Its very light weight so it sinks into the skin really quickly (and I mean really quickly and instantly hydrates the skin leaving to looking and feeling plump and youthful.

This one smells sweet but more floral which i really like for the face. It’s beautiful.

I absolutely love that this contains Rosehip Oil because of its healing properties I think over time it will really help with the dark spots (from old blemished) I have.

It also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Macadamia Nut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Papaya Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract and Essential Oils of Lavender, Patchouli, Geranium as well as these two Hero Ingredients:

Hero Ingredient – Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet Almond Oil is naturally high in Vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6 and is easily absorbed by the skin.  It is a great emollient (has skin softening and soothing properties) and helps to restore lost moisture to the skin.  Its soothing and anti-inflammatory characteristics make it suitable for use on all skin types.

Hero Ingredient – Rosehip Oil: Rosehip Oil is beneficial to the skin as 80% of its constituents are essential fatty acids, namely oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid.  They are known as ‘essential’ fatty acids because our skin is not able to reproduce them yet they help to nourish and maintain skin health. Rosehip Oil also contains Vitamins A and C.  It is a rejuvenating oil that helps to soothe and heal scars, burns and recurring dry skin complaints.

Apicare New Zealand Travel Gift Pack

The Apicare Travel Gift Pack is available from Simply Manuka for just £28.50. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Twitter too.

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  • Reply Iliza Fisha

    These products look really good. I´ve tried other stuff with manuka honey and loved then so think i’d really like these. Great price too x

  • Reply Lilly Loves

    Just found your blog after seeing this post on Twitter. It’s beautiful and I’ve added you to my feed. Going to go back over your posts and have a read with a cuppa. Lilly xx

  • Reply Celina

    These look great. I like using products with honey in as I think it’s really amazing for my skin. I also really like Rosehip Oil because of its healing properties! Great post!! x

  • Reply Anna Belle

    Never heard of this brand before, looks really good! Love the cute packaging!

  • Reply Jasmine

    I’ve heard so many good things about manuka honey, think these would be really nice to try and they would also make such a lovely gift. Great looking packaging too! x

  • Reply Steph Smith

    How wonderful! I like honey products too. These sound fab! xxx

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