Are You in Pregnancy Morning Sickness

July 25, 2019

It is so weird to say I have been a mom for 8 years now Three times within the last 8 years I have dealt with the wonderful joy of pregnancy. I loved feeling my babies move around, hiccup, and grow. I loved everything about all three of my pregnancies… except morning sickness.

Always hear moms talk about pregnancy nausea. So before first pregnancy, I have tried to find out what does morning sickness feel like. I don’t even know if I would call it “morning” sickness. For me during my first pregnancy, it was more like “all day” sickness. For seven months straight on top of that. I was miserable. I wanted so bad to stop vomiting long enough to rest. From the time I woke up in the morning, all the way until I went to bed. I always had a trash can or bag with me, you know just in case. For the longest time, I could only eat toast with peanut butter, and usually I hated peanut butter.

While baking baby number two, my sickness was nowhere near as bad as it had been the first time around. The first time around was the worst experience, and with every child I have had it seemed to ease up some, little by little. When pregnant this second time around I was working full time at an assisted living as a Certified Nurses Assistant. So, imagine all the smells I experienced while nauseous all while being hot and sweaty from taking care of dementia patients. Not a very good combination. I would be trying to assist someone while also trying to keep my vomit down.

My “morning” sickness was also very terrible in cars. Whether it was my husband, mom or even myself driving, I always felt terrible. I can remember very vividly I was on my way home from work one day, and I had to stop at the grocery store to pick something up real quick. I was driving along and was almost there when a wave of nauseousness hit me in the gut. I had to quickly reach for a Wal-Mart bag. Let me tell you I was also driving. Trying to vomit and drive is the worst thing ever And no, I do not recommend you try it yourself. Keep in mind this was with baby number two. After you have kids your bladder is weak from a baby sitting on it. Do you know what happened to me at that same moment? I leaked pee! Always remember to wear a panty liner when in this stage of pregnancy.

My last pregnancy though was like a walk in the park. It was my easiest one yet. I learned that you should always listen to your body and baby and what it wants. Might sound weird but being in tune with yourself and your baby is important and it makes a world of a difference. I ate whenever I felt hungry, exercised lightly by going on walks. It was amazing. I did not have anywhere near the amount of sickness as the previous two. I did still have a few moments where I ended up in the bathroom.

I believe also your mindset could have a lot to do with the severity of things. With my first two pregnancies, I was going through and dealing with a lot. So I was way tenser the first two go arounds. But that last time, I was so relaxed. I knew what I wanted to come from this experience. I was calmer. I had a group of awesome midwives. My support system was great. Also knowing what kinds of food trigger nausea and what can make you feel better is a great thing to know as well. I also recommend looking into essential oils. There are some that all you have to do is rub a little on your wrist and take a good whiff of it every now and then and it will ease your upset stomach.

A little side notes that I feel is super important to add, is please make sure you are staying hydrated during pregnancy. From my own experience of vomiting way too much and not drinking enough. It can put you in the hospital, and cause you to go into early labor. So, always drink water mommas. It is so important. Learn your foods, eat lighter, and rest! You got this


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