Baby Names Trends

August 15, 2016

If you’re a parent, then you’ll be aware that one of the most testing aspects of planning during your pregnancy, was that of ‘the name’.

Some people will have a pretty clear mind on how they will name their child, and then there are those that will stick it on their to-do list. Either way, when you do start to consider this, you should begin to realise that it’s not quite as easy as naming your cat or dog!

This is because there are quite a few ramifications to consider in a name:

  • It is for life. Unless of course you do such a bad job that they decide to change it by deed poll. In that case they’ll have to put up with your choice for the first 18 years of their life.
  • Will the name lead to bullying at school? In other words, can it be abbreviated, or combined with a surname and end up as a never-ending joke. Likewise, whilst Stephen Thomas Davey sounds fine, is it fair to be providing STD as a set of initials?!
  • Quite simply, is it ridiculous? In the UK, people have quite a large scope of freedom when it comes to baby naming, the only real restrictions are to do with it being considered as ‘offensive’. The rise of Pokémon Go is expected to see many such inspired names, but will these actually be a good idea beyond the initial brain-wave?

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that quite a lot of baby names can be dependent on cultural trends and popularity. And as with the Pokémon, we can pinpoint how some names have risen to the top of the charts, or which names look set to capture the imagination very soon…

Take a look at this baby names infographic that vouchercloud have been kind enough to share with us.


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