Bagsy Beauty: The new guys on the block

September 9, 2015

I’m a sucker for trying out new brands when they come out and yes, I realise I’m a little late on the bandwagon with this one but none the less, I am very excited about Bagsy Beauty. I think I literally jumped up and down for about 5 minutes when the brand manager told me she’d be leaving me a package to collect from their offices.

So first let me just reiterate how much I am love with this packaging. I mean just look at it. How stinking cute!! Love the colours, the patterns, just EVERYTHING… Let’s jump on in shall we?

Pretty Cheeks (Velvet Rose) – £16

Bagsy Cosmetics
I have always loved me a good cream blush and this one does not disappoint. I find you always get such a natural looking result.

Bagsy’s Pretty Cheeks is actually a cream to powder formula but its dries so a velvety finish rather than like a full on ‘dry’ powder blush would. This is really lovely as it gives you time to buff it into the skin. I have tried two ways to apply this and both work wonderfully. One way was with my finger tips and the other was with a stippling brush directly onto my skin from the packaging. I kind of prefer this way as it just saves from getting messy fingers.

It has a really pretty colour payoff which again, looks super natural.

Beautiful Eyes 24 Hour Eye Colour (01 Pearly Bird) – £14

Bagsy Cosmetics

Oh my, only having just recently written about eye shadow pencils we all know that I like them. They’re just so easy to use and can help you put a loo together quickly (always good for us mummy’s)

Bagsy’s beautiful eyes have a lovely smooth and creamy consistency that blends well and doesn’t shift around on the eye area once in place. I haven’t had any problems with creasing or the products disappearing throughout the day (have worn it on both hot days and when it’s been raining).

I have the shade Pearly Bird which is beautiful in itself but also makes a really nice base and adds a subtle sheen to the eye.

Hair Wonder – £5

Bagsy Cosmetics
OK, so I am not usually one for dry shampoo. It never really seems to work in my hair and always leaves it looking dry and well, not so hot looking. However, Bagsy’s Hair Wonder is a totally different ball game.

I honestly think this is the first dry shampoo that is actually 100% transparent in my hair. YES!!! Not only is a completely invisible but it works without making me look like I’ve used an entire can of hairspray while giving a good amount of volume.

Plus it smells great. Who doesn’t want their hair to smell good to huh?? And another thing…it’s infused with  pro vitamin B5 and oat oil which also nourishes the hair. Thumbs up guys!!

I will definitely be keeping a very close eye on Bagsy Beauty and watching out for their next move and new products. All of their products I’ve mentioned and all of their others are available from Feel Unique.

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  • Reply Bethany Pine

    Love the blush packaging. I’ve seen a few posts on these over the last month. They do sound like a great new brand!

  • Reply Holly Edwards

    These are beautiful!! Love the packaging. x

  • Reply catherine


  • Reply Lauren S

    100% adding some of these to my next feel unique order 🙂

  • Reply Heather Jones

    Still look at their packaging and think it’s just so beautiful. Yet to buy anything though. Really need to this payday *squints and smiles*

  • Reply Colleen

    Such pretty pieces! Love the cute packaging too xx

  • Reply Joy Kincy

    Payday treats right there 🙂

  • Reply Hayley

    Not sure i’d pay £5 for a dry shampoo but it does sound like a really nice one. The blush looks really lush – Ahh a rhymed! x

  • Reply Zoe landly

    Love that they filled the gap to may everything nice and handbag sized. I have the bronzer and is stunning.

  • Reply Avangeline Cuningham

    Everything looks so pretty

  • Reply Zoe Clark

    Really cute brand! So glad your back to the blog now the children are back to school. Have missed your posting 🙂 xxx

  • Reply Megan Ford

    I love Bagsy but do think the prices are a little steep for the products sizes. I guess it costs the same for them to make though so whiling to pay it for something as nice. These make such cute little stocking fillers so have grabbed some for Christmas already. x

    • Reply Lorraine

      I’ve got some to use for Christmas too!

  • Reply Jazmine Raines

    Really cute brand. Packaging is spot on and the products sound amazing too! Jazmine x

  • Reply Sian H

    I love the look of these products.

  • Reply Joanne Prikard

    The packaging on these is super gorgeous!! Those patterns – I just die! x

    • Reply Lorraine

      I love all the packaging. It’s all so pretty and super girly 🙂

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