Bathroom Renovation – 5 Tips for Renovating on a Budget

October 4, 2019

Let’s face it, home renovations aren’t cheap, but it is possible to remodel on a reasonable budget. If your family bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, our five budget friendly tips are here to help give it a new lease of life, without breaking the bank.

  1. Budget for the things you need

It goes without saying that before taking on a renovation project, you will first need some sort of plan. However, it’s easy to get carried away when planning, thinking about the things we want vs. the things we need. Consider which features need the most attention, and factor in the labour and material costs for these before shopping for anything else. Then, with the remainder of your budget you can plan for the more exciting stuff, like paint colours, hardware and accessories.

  • Don’t buy everything new

Upcycling is a trend that has taken over the internet by storm in recent years and for good reason too! Upcycling is basically a great way to transform useless items into useful and stylish pieces. Take a look at any home blog or Youtube channel and you’re likely to find at least one post or video on an upcycling project. You’ll probably be surprised at the results too. If you feel like you don’t have the skill or creativity to take on an upcycling project, think again! Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint to give a piece of furniture a completely new look. Browse your local second hand stores for accessories and furniture pieces and seek inspiration online. You could find a bargain that becomes a key feature of your new bathroom.

  • Do your research

Do you have your eye on a fabulous designer bathroom piece? If so, don’t skimp on other items just so you can factor the one expensive piece into your budget. Instead, take the time to browse the market for similar pieces. You may be surprised to find bathroom furniture and hardware that is almost identical, at only a fraction of the price.

Remember, before buying any essential furniture for your bathroom, be sure to check the reviews. Don’t feel fooled by an items price, more expensive does not always mean better quality and cheaper doesn’t mean cheap! Check what genuine buyers are saying about the product: does it live up to the demands of daily use? Is it practical? Does its colouring and sizing reflect that advertised by the seller? Look for answers to all these questions before ordering to make sure you’re always getting what you pay for.

  • DIY where possible

Labour is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to renovation, and while in some cases it is best to hire a professional, DIY-ing can help save you a ton of money on your remodel. If DIY is not your thing, ask around handy friends and family members if they wouldn’t mind helping you out, and offer to do them a favour in return; Good at cooking? Offer to make them a nice dinner. Like kids? Offer to babysit one evening. By being resourceful when it comes to labour you could save a lot of cash, allowing more room in your budget for other expenses.

  • Invest in quality accessories

Ask any designer and they’ll be sure to tell you ‘the devil is in the detail’. Even the most gorgeous bathroom can quickly become spoiled by the sight of unflattering and outdated accessories. Choose accessories that will complement your bathroom’s new look. Don’t ruin it by using the same old mismatched and faded towels. Invest in a new set instead, in colours that flatter your new chosen scheme. This way, even after the kids have left them on the floor or hung up skew-whiff on the towel rail, your bathroom will still look put-together overall. Adopt this rule for all your bathrooms accessories, for a look that boasts balance and sophistication (even when it’s a mess!). 

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