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May 13, 2014

I like to look after my hands and by now most of you know how much I love my hand creams. I have been trying some products from Bio Sculpture fro the past week and just wanted to share some info with you.

Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil

The amber coloured cuticle oil is enriched with Vitamin E, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil to re-hydrate and nourish cuticles.

It has a pleasant fruity scent which is really nice and stays on the hands for about an hour before starting to wear off.

I love how soft in makes my nail beds feel and since using it I don’t get any dry or hard cuticles anymore.

When using I like to place in on all of my cuticles and over my nails and sit with it there for a good 3-5 minutes before gently massaging it in.

Not only are my nail beds so much better but my nails also feel stronger and less brittle.

Bio Sculpture Hand Cream

This hand cream is ah-maz-ing! A subtle blend of essential oils, along with a UV sun filter to protect hands from premature ageing. It absorbs really quickly and hydrates while helping to regenerate skin cells, leaving hands protected and soft but without feeling greasy.

It has a very subtle floral scent which is perfect and isn’t overpowering at all, it just leaves your hands feeling smooth and smelling pretty.

I’ve been using both of these twice per day for a week and my hands feel so wonderfully soft now. You can find them both here and also read about other Bio Sculpture products.

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