#BeautyHasNoAge – Maleka Dattu, Founder of MERUMAYA Integrative Effective Skincare

June 27, 2016

What do you see when you look in the mirror every morning? Bags under your eyes?  Lines?  Spots?  Do you know what men see?  George Clooney!  How you feel about your unique beauty affects self-esteem, confidence, life choices and achievements. Learn to give yourself more positive messages when you look in the mirror, as well as noting things you’d like to improve.

#beautyhasnoage is a mission, to unite every woman who ever felt insecure about the way she looks, in support of one another.  A woman in her teens should not feel pressured to look like a Kardashian.  A single woman in her thirties should not feel the desperation of a ‘sell by date’ for her beauty.  A woman in her 50’s should decide for herself what is age-appropriate, even if it is pink hair. A woman in her 70’s+ should still feel beautiful, relevant and heard. I am inspired to help women ignite the courage within us, to take back control for our beauty-confidence.   To ensure that current and future generations of women feel confident, beautiful, accomplished, liberated and happy.

After 30 years in corporate beauty, when decisions did not always seem to be customer-centric to me, I took the leap from employment to entrepreneur.  I created MERUMAYA® which is an evidence-based skincare brand, all about you, feeling confident about the way you look, at every age. We champion the positive goal of Youthful-Ageing rather than the negativity of Anti-ageing and products like the Iconic Youth Serum™ deliver on that.  MERUMAYA® is also a platform to drive the #beautyhasnoage mission, by being inclusive of every woman and her unique beauty – from teens to 90’s+!

If this message resonates with you on any level, please don’t be a bystander.  Join the mission to spread this important message.  As little or as much as you feel comfortable with, please:

  • Use the #beautyhasnoage hashtag on your social platforms
  • Send us a photo holding a #beautyhasnoage placard
  • Make a 30-60 second video (on your phone is fine), telling us what #beautyhasnoage means to you. Here is an example from a customer.

Send photos and videos to digital@merumaya.com and we will include them in the #beautyhasnoage gallery on our website.

Hats off to Lorraine, creator of Online Mummy, for allowing me to write this guest blog post, to address you.  And thanks to YOU, in advance, for joining this mission that is resonating with women far and wide.

We have a limited number of the lusted-after #beautyhasnoage makeup bags, available for sale or FREE in a gift with purchase, only at www.merumaya.com while stocks last.

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  • Reply Fiona White

    Wow such an inspiring thing that Merumaya are doing!

  • Reply Jessica Marane

    Amazing!! Wonderful brand doing a wonderful thing.

  • Reply Yanikah

    Guuurrrrrlll…you know I love this brand. I’m telling all my girls about the #beautyhasnoage message!! xx

  • Reply Joy Kincy

    What a lovely message. I 100% agree with this. Every woman (or man) should feel beautiful no matter what age, race or colour!

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