Bee Lippy Lip Balms

May 14, 2014

I’m a big fan of Lip Balms and I have a fair amount in my collection (let’s say about 15 without me going and counting them).

I love Lips Balms that not are not only moisturising and nourishing for my lips but ones that also smell amazing too, which makes me very excited to be writing this post as I have some to share with you that smell like complete and utter heaven!

These cute Bee Lippy Lip Balms from the organic beauty brand Bee Fayre are made with natural Beeswax & Melissa Oil there are 9 different flavours to choose from including some well-known combinations.

Melissa oil is said to have antibacterial and antiviral properties (so it’s more than perfect for lip products) and is extracted from fresh flowering tops, leaves and stems of the Melissa plant.

The 9 flavours:

*Chocolate & Wild Mint
*Fresh Lime & Lemon
*Ginger & Cinnamon
*Lavender & Bergamot
*Mango & Mint
*Peaches & Cream
*Raspberry & Vanilla
*Rose Petal & Geranium
*Sweet Orange & Clementine

I have Mango & Mint and Raspberry & Vanilla as well as one of their Gardener’s Balm (for hands and feet) Orange & Lemon.

Bee Lippy Lip Balms

I started this post by saying how much I like Lips Balms that smell good and OMG are these some of the best I have ever stuck my nose into.

Mango & Mint is such a wonderful combination; I really don’t know why I haven’t come across it before. It’s sweet yet fresh and is just so absolutely mmmm. The Raspberry & Vanilla reminds me of the old am roly-poly ice cream thing you’d get served to you in primary school. Is simply a delicious combo.

The texture of these is very light and absorbs quickly into the lips to both hydrate and sooth them without leaving the feeling sticky or greasy.

The small pots are great for keeping with you while on the go.

Bee Lippy Lip Balms

For the Gardener’s Balm, this too smells wonderful. It’s fresh and sweet yet has a lovely lemony kick to it.

I like to use this as a foot balm as I’m on my feet a lot and get some dryness on my heals. After using this each day for over two weeks I can say the dryness has definitely improved so much.

With the Lips Balms being priced at £5 each and the Gardener’s Balm at £6.50 each I can easily see myself collecting a few more of there.


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