Booking a Last Minute Family Holiday Before the End of the Season

October 11, 2016

Last Minute Family Holiday
Booking a late summer holiday is a great way to bag yourself a bargain and get a last glimpse of some summer sun.  Often you’ll find much better deals and with the weather being a little less warm than in the height of summer, much more family friendly temperatures so you won’t have to worry about the kids getting burnt whilst in the pool. Here are some top tips to booking a last minute family holiday:

Don’t be Fooled By Offers

Some places will be super cheap now for a number of reasons, so if the price seems too good to be true then it more than likely will be. Places like Egypt, Cyprus and Turkey may have great deals but it’s best to be careful when thinking about travelling there as there is a lot of political unrest in these areas and government advice may warn you from travelling there nearer the time.

Go Further Afield

Admittedly, some places will be at the very end of season now so they’re likely to be quieter and the hours of sunshine less than in summer months. If you’re wanting to chase the sunshine, then look further afield than places like France, Greece and Spain as you’ll not be guaranteed the best weather. Head to places nearer the equator, such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria, where the better weather is throughout winter.

Look at Different Types of Accommodation

Prices will be more expensive for the hotter locations, so look at all the different accommodation types to get the most for your money. A good and cost effective solution for families tends to be hiring a villa, as you have a home from home set up with your own private pool and gorgeous facilities, all for a great price. Tots to Travel have some amazing villas available in a number of great locations which are all geared up for family holidays.

When it comes to booking last minute, if you see flights for a great price always book them immediately. The price of flights can fluctuate a lot in the weeks before take-off so don’t miss out on any great deals and monitor sites like Skyscanner. Booking a last minute family holiday is a great way to save money and still enjoy the last of the summer sunshine. By following these tips you’ll be able to grab a bargain on a last minute family break and be the envy of all your friends.

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    Love this post Lorraine, I was shocked when I heard someone in passing saying how cheap it was to go to Egypt, I wondered if they read the news recently.

    We’re fortunate my parents have a villa in Spain so holidays are cheap, but I do agree villas in general are a safe bet. 😊


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