Changing from nursery to toddler room

October 27, 2014

I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about when I say how much fun I had when decoration Amelia’s nursery. I hadn’t really thought much about changing it to a room for a toddler but now that Amelia is nearly 2.5 years old we have started to talk about it and think of some ideas which has been an enormous amount of fun, especially now that Amelia can have a say in what she likes for colours and décor etc.

As we did with Amelia’s nursery, we started off with a mood board of bits and bobs that we liked and thought would work well in making her a big girl bedroom.

Changing from nursery to toddler room

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1 – Book Shelves: When children love books and reading why not get a nice stand for all of their books. Amelia loves reading and looking at pictures so we will be adding one of these to her room very soon.
2 – Hopper Toy: When they’re not bouncing this could double up as a little rest chair.
3 – Big Girl Bedding: With a big girl bed comes the addition of new big girl bedding.
4 – Video Monitor: I think these are always a good idea when toddlers start wanting to play in their rooms more. Just so you can keep an eye on them and make sure every little bang you hear isn’t them falling over or off of something.
5 – Trunki Suitcase: So they can carry round their fave toys around the house with them and when you go on holiday they will have a special case for all their own belonging.

So there we have it guys, just a few ideas of thing we would add to Amelia’s bedroom to make it more toddler friendly. We would most likely add in a huge bean bag next to the book shelf and make a cosy reading nook for her. We would also add in a little table and chair so she ca sit and draw and colour to her hearts content (her new fave thing to do at the moment).

What would you do when you go form baby to toddler room? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  • Reply Mummy From The Block

    Love the bookshelf with the alphabet on. xx

  • Reply Jayne Erin

    Lovely post. We are going to be doing this for our twin boys in the new year. Can’t wait to re-paint it for them too. Jayne xx

  • Reply Jacky S

    The monitor is a great idea! Gives you a little time to get things done while still being able to watch then!

  • Reply sarah jane

    Lovely choices!

  • Reply Jenna

    We want to add a reading snug to our little mans rooms. Such a good idea for night time cuddles and reading.

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