Choose The Right Apparel for Hot Yoga Class

November 16, 2018

You decided to start with some physical activity. First, you need to think of the selection of sports clothes. If you have already dealt with fitness, gym or any other type of workout, you have some basis and know what to look for in sports shops. However, if you start for the first time, the choice of sports equipment is wide today and can be pretty confusing.

There are some basic rules you should follow, and one of them is that comfort should be your priority. Especially when you exercise something like yoga where you need complete freedom of movement. Comfortable sportswear can contribute to better results during exercise. The appropriate apparel motivates and helps to perform physical activities more productively.

New in the world of yoga? Check some guidelines for beginners on this page:

In recent years, Hot Yoga has become a hit. Given that the classes are performed in slightly different conditions than standard yoga, you have to adapt your apparel to these. One thing is for sure, none of your clothes will keep you from sweating.

New Trend of Hot Yoga

Those who propagate hot yoga workout program point out that, besides improving the physical shape, it has a healing effect. Its specificity of this physical activity is that it is carried out under in spaces with increased humidity and temperature. Air humidity is about 50% higher than in standard conditions, and the heat ranges from 37 to 40 degrees. It’s like you exercise in the middle of India, which is a cradle of yoga.

Although training at high temperatures sounds unthinkable, this program brings many benefits. Due to the ideal humidity and high sweating, the heat actually helps in exercise. In a warm environment, your body is more flexible and relaxed so you can do yoga positions, or asana, easily.

What to Wear in Hot Yoga Classes

Sweating at hot yoga classes is inevitable, even if you are a beginner. That’s why you need something to absorb sweat and dry right here, right now. You won’t go wrong with synthetic clothes, or those made of a combination of this material and cotton. Full sports apparel made of this natural material will absorb too much sweat, and that’s not what you want.

Yoga Tops and Tank Tops

The fewer clothes you have on for hot yoga, the better. This workout doesn’t require layered dressing but take some spare outfit with you, because you will be totally wet after the class. It is essential that your upper parts of the outfit don’t fall over your head when bending.

The tops of yoga should be tight. For ladies, the basic is a comfy and quality sports bra or a shirt with breastplates to keep them firm. If you aren’t comfortable in something that looks like underwear, dress a mesh top over it so your body can “breathe.” If you don’t prefer close-fitting clothes, opt for a light tank top.

Men can dress either top tank either regular T-shirt which are comfortable for the skin. Or if they prefer more freedom, they can be topless.

Leggings and Capri pants for Ladies

Yoga requires a lot of bending and stretching. Proper stretching will keep you from injuries (check for more info). There is a possibility to get into the unpleasant situation if your lower part of the outfit gets transparent. Leggings or capri pants must be of a stretchable, “non-see-through” material.

The waist should be high enough to don’t make the wrinkles while bending, and to hold yoga pants not fall off. You can also choose loose-fitting pants, but not too baggy, because of the already mentioned freedom of movement.

And for Men?

A man in leggings is not something you’ll see every day, but when it comes to clothes for hot yoga, that’s a smart choice. The rule is the same rules as for women. If you love a bit wider clothes, classic, longer sports shorts or sweatpants made of some light material will serve.

Apart from clothes, it is necessary to wear your own towel and yoga match, to prevent the possibility of getting some infection. Bare, wet feet are especially susceptible to the development of bacteria, and their hygiene after the training is essential.

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