Choosing A Name For Baby

May 22, 2012

So, with only 33 days left till my due date we still haven’t decided on a name for baby girl and at this point I’m starting to feel like she will remain nameless…

I’m not one for using a name of someone I know, nor do I go for names of people I don’t like or (I know that’s not very nice but it’s just how I feel)

I want a name that sounds good as well as looks good written down. This name will be with her for life after all so it needs to be worthy of that. Something people wont be able to mistake for another name or pronounce the wrong way. I really want her to feel proud when she introduces herself with it.

I had some names picked out that I like but Will doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with me on them. The one name I loved has just become one of my friends daughters name so that’s off the cards. So now it looks like we are back to the drawing board.

My goal is to have a name by the end of the week!


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