Clarins Fix Make Up Spray

March 21, 2017

Last year, Clarins launched a makeup setting spray to finally stop the summer sun from melting all of our faces off. I couldn’t wait get my hands on one and I’m so glad I did. I loved using it and can’t wait to use it again this summer (or sooner now the weather is starting to warm up a little).

Clarins Fix Make Up SprayI’m sure just by looking at it you can see why I was so taken by it. Goodbye cheap and nasty looking plastic bottles, hello stunning coloured glass that rivals some perfume bottles. Yes I know I shouldn’t really care about what it looks like buy I do and I love the look of the Clarins Fix Make Up Spray.

The Clarins Fix Make Up Spray has a lovely fine mist. I always use an extended arm when spraying. I feel this gives the best results and puts an even layer over the face. It drys quickly on the skin without leaving any residue and feels super comfortable after, must be all that Vitamin C, aloe vera and allantoin which moisturise, soothe, plump, brighten and refresh the skin.

It set’s my makeup beautifully and keeps it in place all day long. Plus, it doesn’t make anything run (I’ve tried so many that have left my mascara under my eyes!).

Definitely one for the re-purchasing list.

Available from Clarins counters and on the Clarins website for £24.

*pr sample

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