Cloth diapering: How Its Going – In Photos

November 19, 2012

Before Amelia was born we decided we wanted to use cloth diapers but after she was born we ended up holding off for a little as none of them fit her. Now that she is nearly 5 months old we have finally made the switch and I’m so happy for it. Since we have been using them Amelia has stopped getting nappy rashes and her bottom has gotten newborn baby soft again… (she had a few dry patches that I think the disposables caused)

I wish we had switched her over sooner and believe me, we tried but as all our diapers are one size (expandable ones) they never really fit her well enough, she always seemed to be between sizes and as soon as she’d wee it would leek out from around the edges of them.

Now that they fit her there is no way we will not be using them,they are just so much better that disposables. The health benefits of them are so important to me, not to mention the great colours they come in. I do a wash each night for all the diapers Amelia has worn that day and it’s working out really well, I wouldn’t really say it’s hard to use them. We haven’t had any problems with changing her while we’re out but I would say to get scented bags for changing on the go…

I will update again in another few months but for now here are some photos of Amelia in the first fluff. While I was taking photos Amelia decided to take my lens cap so it will pop up in a few photos… Sorry there are so many that look similar, I think they are just too cute not to share with you all.


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