November 16, 2013

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Nothing is more important than safety and a good quality car seat.

You may remember a few months ago we got a new one for Amelia and now Luke has turned 4 it’s his turn! We chose a CONCORD TRANSFORMER X-BAG as it will take him all the way till he just doesn’t need a seat anymore.

“For more than 30 years, CONCORD’s goal has been to support adults and children as they go about their everyday lives. Our core competency lies in the development and manufacture of high-quality children’s car seats which incorporate state-of-the-art safety technology.”

Transformer X Bag 2


  • Suitable from approx. 3 years to 12 years (15–36 kg)
  • STEPSIZE SYSTEM: headrest height and shoulder protector height and width can be precisely adjusted with 20 different position settings
  • Strap guide opens at the touch of a button, locks automatically
  • TRIPLE LAYER IMPACT PROTECTION: three cushioning layers for optimum side-impact protection
  • TWINFIX SYSTEM (isofix): strap system, simple attachment to the Isofix points in the vehicle for improved side-impact protection

So what do we think of The Transformer X Bag?

We have been testing The Transformer X Bag out for a few weeks now and we have found it to be great. Luke loves it as it’s more of a big boy seat. Here are a few points we like:

Quality: From the get go I thought The Transformer X Bag seemed very sturdy and durable. Once fitted to the car it doesn’t budge which makes me feel even better about using it as I believe Luke will be safe and secure. Again, this is the kind of car seat you are confident your baby will be safe and comfortable in.

Triple Layer Impact Protection: The Transformer X Bag has a good amount of padding which covers the entire seat. Over the side of the seat there are 3 layers of cushioning (amazing huh!!).

Twinfix System: It is a very unusual design for the isofix fittings as they are connected by strapping which is then connected to the seat (not like the more traditional fixed bars). This is however no problem at all and actually make it’s really easy to fit to the car.

Comfort: Luke is more than happy to fall asleep in this car seat, in fact from what I remember he did when he used it for the first time. In his old car seat if he fell asleep his head would slowly make it’s way forward to it would be hanging over his chest but so far that doesn’t seem to happening with The Transformer X Bag.

Fabric: The Transformer X Bag has soft, padded covers which are easy to remove and wash.

AssemblyThe car seat can be fitted straight from the box.  No assembly required the car seat grows with the child at the touch of a button.

Price: At £159.99 this is obviously a little more than other car seats but I honestly feel that it’s more than worth it.

Overall Thoughts: I LOVE this seat!! If you feel that is might not be quite for you or if you want to compare it then lots of other car seats can be found at Argos

Transformer X Bag 1

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  • Reply Jake Smith

    This looks like a really good seat. We’re currently looking for one for our daughter who turns 4 on Jan 8th.

    Thank you for writing about this. I’m going to show my wife and see what she thinks but this may be the one!

  • Reply Hillary

    We’ve just got this one for our granddaughter and she loves it. I was surprised by how safe and secure she is in it – with just a seatbelt around her.

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