Country Baby Handmade

February 24, 2013

You may have seen in my last post a photo with Amelia wearing a beautiful green headband and I though you may like to know where I got it from, so today I share Country Baby Handmade with you.

Country Baby Handmade is ran by Amber and this is her story.

I’ve been crafting for years; since my childhood when I would hock my jewelry creations at side walk sales to now when I’ve put my interest mainly in hand sewing accessories. I started getting the motivation and inspiration for starting Country Baby after the birth of my Daughter Annelise in 2010. There seemed to be so many great possibilities for crafting things for children that I just couldn’t put my needle and thread down. I had some scraps laying around- buttons, beads, fabrics etc. and feeling a strong tie to our environment inspired me even more to use what I had available to me to create pretty things for my family. So I started building day by day from May 2011 when my shop officially opened for business, I was adding items and perfecting what I was offering.

Headbands 4

Amber not only sells amazing headbands, you can find hair clips, dresses, sensory toys, blankets, hats and much much more in her shop. You can find all of Amber’s wonderful creations on her Etsy shop.

She also has a blog that has lots of fabulous how to’s and craft ideas. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Use coupon Code SPRINGCLEANING to get 25% off of your total purchase before shipping.

Headbands 2
Headbands 3
Headbands 1


I love how Amelia looks with the green headband on and my fave by far is this lovely purple one.

Headbands 5

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    Thanks for the nice post! Coupon Code SPRINGCLEANING will get you 25% off of your total purchase before shipping at my Etsy shop. Thanks!

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