Easy and Fun Ways to Get the Whole Family Fit

October 3, 2016

Healthy habits are one of the most important things your kids need to learn from you. One UK study showed that there is a strong correlation between mother’s levels of physical activity and the child’s attitude towards staying fit and healthy. Logically, children are prone to mirroring behaviors, so parents have to set a good example. Parents are the first link when it comes to preventing overweight problems. There are ways to incorporate fun activities into your family time and enjoy the many health benefits of it while strengthening the bonds between family members.

Make it a competition

While you might not have an interest in becoming a winner at who can jump the highest number of skips with a jump rope, children love competition! Just make sure it all stays within the moderate, sports spirit, instead of escalating into a siblings’ fight. There are plenty of ways you can create a competition: go outdoors and organize a running race; roll out your mats and teach your kids how to plank: it is an incredible full-body exercise, completely safe and effective for your little ones; try different types of squats and make it fun while counting the number of repetitions. Do push-ups and crunches while incorporating the element of challenge: try one arm push-ups or make crunches more difficult with holding dumbbells. Make cards with different fitness challenges and turn it into a game.


Organize your workout-friendly space

It’s not always practical to drive to the outdoors, or to some sort of an activity-play centre, whether it’s due to a lack of time or bad weather conditions. Consider designing a room for a family gym. This way, you won’t have an excuse to kick the daily workout off your to-do list. Check what you need from the commercial fitness equipment and don’t go over the top: a few exercising machines are enough, as well as mats, a few dumbbells, jumping ropes, and fitness balls. Synchronize weekly schedules with your partner and at least three days a week, exercise together as a family. To make it fun, let your kids pack their bags and prepare as if they are actually going to the gym, not the next room down the hallway. Kids need structure: make them stick to a fitness program suitable for children so that they don’t get bored but stay focused on ticking every exercise from the list.

Fun mountain hiking

Hiking is a great option because it has “adventure” written all over it! Step away from the concrete jungle of your city and enjoy peaceful sceneries and the fresh air. Teach your kids how to prepare their backpacks and play games such as treasure hunts or survival when you get to the mountains. Keep your kids interested and let them explore. In addition to the obvious health benefits of hiking, this type of activity will make them reconnect with nature. Ensure you’ve planned your trip wisely, taking into consideration your children’s age and temperament.


Yoga: kill two birds with one stone

Yoga is an easy home activity: all you need is some mats and space. In addition to physical benefits of practicing yoga, it has an equally strong influence on our mental health. Make your children imitate your poses and they will surely be entertained with the position names, such as the cat, caterpillar, cobra, or dolphin. They will learn the art of patience while you take care of your body and mind.

In addition to these ways of keeping your family active the fun way, you can also make smarter daily choices. Instead of taking a car, go for a family walk. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. When there are commercials on TV, make it a fitness break and do a couple of sit-ups. This may seem insignificant, but every step counts: you’ll increase your body’s metabolism while teaching your kids to use their full potential and respect the blessing of having a healthy and functional body.

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