Encouraging your kid’s creativity – Guest Post

November 2, 2016

Encouraging your kid’s creativity
Success in life doesn’t only come from blind logic and pragmatism, but critical thinking and ability to adjust, which all stem from well-developed creativity skills. Therefore, it’s essential not to hinder the development of creativity during your kid’s childhood, because this is the time when kids develop their interests, likes, dislikes and all other necessary skills that would shape up their personality for later stages in life. What’s more, by proper guidance and nurture necessary for the development of creativity, children learn, grow and benefit in many other different aspects as well.

Let them explore

Encouraging your kid’s creativity
As soon as they express the need to learn more about the world they live in, you should comply with your child’s request. When they are young they cannot learn new things by reading – they need to get all the information from you. Therefore, when you go out together, play outside, visit parks and forests, etc. be prepared to answer all your child’s questions. Moreover,  about different things even more. Questions like “Do you know what this is?” or “Do you know how this works?” will only make the kids keener to actually get the required knowledge about the certain subject. And the more they know, the more options they have to direct their creativity to.

Introduce them to creative games

Encouraging your kid’s creativity
Kids can’t possibly think of all the games that will be fun and instructive and this is why you need to offer a helping hand. Before they are old enough to spend their days playing with their friends, you should encourage them to play with you, or on their own. If you want to foster creativity in your child forget about leaving them in front of a TV. There are many games and toys that involve the use of creativity and critical thinking, and you should concentrate on making these more entertaining to your child, as well as a more natural option than TV or other technological pastimes.

Provide the creative resources

Encouraging your kid’s creativity
No matter how fun a certain game is, all children will eventually get bored with it and want to try something new. This is why you should make sure that you have enough creative resources to make your home environment a perfect atmosphere for nurturing a child’s creativity. In general, design your home in a way that would allow kids to have some fun without getting in trouble. Provide them with easy reach to household items, clothes, coloring pencils and interesting markers as well as other bits and pieces that kids can use to make something new on their own, invent a game and express their creativity in general.

Shower your kids with artistic love

Encouraging your kid’s creativity
Your child doesn’t have to become a famous writer or painter as an adult, but when they’re still young, kids can benefit a lot from early exposure to creative artistic activities. Therefore, don’t be afraid to encourage your kids to learn to read, write, draw and even sculpt and act. Of course, avoid pressuring them, but make these experiences as fun as possible. By happily engaging in some of the above-mentioned activities, kids will benefit a lot in terms of proper education, hand-eye coordination, imagination, memory, as well as the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and to express their opinions and attitude in a satisfying manner.

If you want to foster your child’s creative skill, remember to follow their lead. You are not the one to pick and choose their interests but the one to provide them with all the necessary means to explore their interests to the fullest.

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