End your Valentine’s Night with Aux Anysetiers du Roy Chocolate Fondue

February 9, 2014

I like to romanticise the perfect Valentine’s Day and I think I’ve just found out how to make it become a reality. How does this sound??

Imagine you’ve exchanged gifts with your loved one, you’ve eaten a yummy meal  and to end the night you settle down with a glass of wine, flickering candlelight and a pot or two of Chocolate Fondue accompanied by Strawberries, Banana, Grapes, Cherries and any other fruits that you like.

How wonderfully romantic and intimate does that sound? I think it would be perfect!

Aux Anysetiers du Roy Chocolate Fondue

A few months ago we tried some Aux Anysetiers du Roy Chocolate Fondue and as soon as we have our fruit platter and Chocolate Fondue pots set up I couldn’t help thinking how amazing it would be for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day.

I think they would also be amazing for birthdays, dinner parties, anniversaries and weddings (you could have a small pot per person with lots of fruit sculptures for them to take whatever they fancy from).

Aux Anysetiers du Roy Chocolate Fondue comes in over 30 different flavours spread throughout a range of milk, dark and white chocolate. Some of the flavours that really caught my eye are:

– Milk Caramel Fleur de Sel
-Dark Mandarin/Tangerine
-Dark Mandarin/Tangerine
-White Raspberry

The Chocolate Fondue pots are simple to use and here’s what you need to do:

Heat the pot for 1-2 min on low in the microwave (or for 15-20 min in a bain-marie (in hot water). Stir and start dipping! The pot will keep the chocolate warm and melted for at least 30-60 minutes on your table. Keep in cupboard after opening (no need to store in the fridge). Reheat as many times as you like!

If you’re in the UK then you can order your Chocolate Fondue pots from BMC Global and if you’re anywhere else in the world you can contact Aux Anysetiers du Roy here to find out where your nearest supplier is.

Aux Anysetiers du Roy Chocolate Fondue

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    Ooo YUMMY!! Nothing better than fruit smothered in chocolate 😉

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