Enjoy The English Summer With Your Child

August 17, 2014

Summer is a beautiful time of the year and is a time when you should be enjoying yourself by spending lots of time with your little ones. I know that some parents find that quite a challenge, because they fear running out of ideas for things that will keep their child occupied all through the summer. But it seems to me that a mum and child can have a really great time outdoors or indoors if it’s raining, as it so often does during an English summer.


Outdoor Activities

On a warm sunny day, the children’s adventure play area in the local park is always a big attraction for mums with young children. Some dads like to go there too when they’re not at work, but on summer weekdays the playground is a popular place for children and their mums to enjoy some safe outdoor activities.

Talking of local parks, some of the bigger parks make a great location for a summer picnic. Any time is a good time for the whole family to have a fun day out by enjoying a delicious picnic in the countryside or by the sea. All you need is a blanket, a picnic basket, some snacks and some cool drinks to enjoy a picnic with your child on a warm summer’s day. Running around, having fun and playing games is naturally part of the whole picnic experience too!

Activities at Home

Let’s face it, the English summer is unpredictable and one is not guaranteed the weather to take their little ones out doors all of the time. When the weather is not favourable and you’re looking for something to do, stay indoors and make the best out of what you’ve got there. Take the cushions off the sofa and make a comfortable seating area where you and your child can enjoy an indoor picnic together. If the sun does come out, the back garden makes a great summer picnic location too.

A child who is fortunate enough to have a play area in their back garden will always be able to have a good time at home. With some basic play equipment in the garden you don’t have to go anywhere else to enjoy being with your child on a fine English summer day.

A climbing frame looks really good in a back garden and can provide a lot of entertainment for a child who loves playing imaginative games that involve scrambling and climbing. The climbing frames at Wicken Toys allow for endless hours of fun and entertainment as some of them are made to resemble fortresses, galleons and different types of wooden towers.

Other ideas for garden play equipment that can keep a child entertained for a long time include the ever-popular swing and slide. A sandpit and a playhouse provide the opportunity for hours upon hours of fun and laughter in the garden too.

Make the most of it!

The most important thing to remember about the English summer is that it never lasts for long, so you have to make the most of it while it’s here. Get outdoors, get into the garden at home and make some special memories with your little one that will last a lifetime.

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