Epic Blend Lip Balms

October 28, 2014

Epic Blend Lip Balms

Epic Blend Lip Balm is a Canadian brand that make natural, organic and vegan lip balms using beautiful nourishing ingredients such as Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E , Rosemary Extract and more. All Epic Blend Lip Balm are all petroleum-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and cruelty-free.

“Hi, we’re Epic Blend – We make lip balm. So, if you have dry lips or chapped lips, big lips or small lips, light lips or dark lips, thick lips or thin lips, lips that like kissing or lips that like blowing kisses…we’ve got you covered.  We think happy lips make happy people, so we design products that make lips happy.”

Epic Blend Lip Balms come in four categories:

Hemp – A super mostuirsing lipbalm with the anti-oxidant organic hemp seed oil. These come in four flavours; Vanilla, Coconut, Citrus Kick and Mint.

More Moisture – Seven moisturisers have come together to join forces and turn into the most luscious lip balm I have EVER used. These come in four flavours; Unflavored, Grape, Green Apple and Cherry

Vegan – 100% plant-based and beeswax-free but still full of nourishing oils and butters. These come in two flavours; Wild Berry and Pineapple-Mint.

Tinted – The tinted range only comes in one colour so far: Garnet Star which is a beautiful Sheer merlot color and a subtle shimmer that still keeps a natural look. (perfect for fall and winter)

Epic Blend Lip Balms are currently available in two new Limited Edition flavours (Banana and Chocolate Rum) so I’d recommend going and checking them out before they’re all gone.

Epic Blend Lip Balms

Being totally obsessed with all things lip it’s fair to say that I have tried many Lip Balms yet nothing has ever come close to the moisturising and nourished feeling I get when using these.

The glide over the lips so smoothly and leave a yummy scented, highly soft vail on the lips without any greasiness or oily feeling. As I mentioned above, I don’t think I have used a lip balm that’s felt as moisturising as these before. I love the feeling of them on my lips and how a dry lip can quickly turn into a plum and nourished lip (just what you need in this weather)

The flavours are all yummy, I don’t think I’m able to choose a favourite but I do really love Coconut, Mint, Vanilla and Grape.

Priced at $3.49 each or £12.99 per pack of 4 these are actually cheaper than a lot of other lip balms out there. The convert to just £1.92 each or £7.17 for 4 at today’s rate. Pretty good right?!

What lip balm are you loving at the moment??

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  • Reply April Young

    They sound like they’d smell really amazing!!

  • Reply Zoe Clark

    Ooo…lipbalm fanatic here *waves* Checking their website out now. 🙂 xxx

  • Reply Caitlin

    So much lip balm!!

  • Reply Freya M

    I have the hemp coconut one and it is a really nice balm! Lovely review. xx

  • Reply Gemma Manning

    I’ve read so many great things about these balms over the last few weeks. So many bloggers are raving about about them! Really must try them out too x

  • Reply Erin Healey

    Green Apple and Grape sound so nice. Would love to try some of these xx

  • Reply Roxy

    Yum. They all sound so edible 🙂

  • Reply Eleanore Hood

    Love mint. I like the tingle you get with it. Makes it feel ice and cool.

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