Essential Care Organic Coconut Candy Scrub

August 1, 2014

If you’ve been following my blog then you will know how much I love any kind of scrub. You will also know how much I love coconut.

Combined the two and what do you get..? The Essential Care Organic Coconut Candy Scrub, a delicious sweet, sugary, coconut jar of heaven.

Essential Care Organic Coconut Candy Scrub

This scrub is so deeply exfoliating with its sugary poppy seed goodness. I really like solid scrubs that stick to your skin while you’re scrubbing away and this really is one of the best. It gently and effectively buffs away any dry skin I have and it really polishes the skin to make it feel really smooth.

The oils and butters melt into the skin like nothing other; it leaves this amazing buttery moister layer on the skin but without any greasiness.

I also love how the yummy coconut scent lingers on my skin. It’s to die for!

Priced at £25 it is up there for a scrub but bearing in mind that its 100% natural, full of wonderful ingredients and it also lasts a really long time, I would happily pay for this.

PR Sample

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  • Reply Sparkle Fairy

    I’m like you anything with coconut in it and I have to have it xx

  • Reply Jenny

    Sounds amazing, I love coconut scents too 🙂 xx

  • Reply Ann Jones

    This looks a beautiful! Love coconut scents! X

  • Reply Alex Smith

    I think Essential care is well worth the money considering the ingredients 🙂 xx

  • Reply Michala

    Sounds so delicious, coconut is my favourite smell ever!!!

  • Reply Rach

    sounds heavenly and perfect for the Summer! xxx

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