Essential Care Organic Superfruit Serum and Silk Touch Cleanser

September 4, 2014

You might remember I wrote about the Essential Care Organic Coconut Candy Scrub, a while ago. I can’t believe the amount of emails I got from you all saying how much you loved the look of the product and were going to try it out.

Well, today I thought I would share some more goodies from Essential Care which I’ve loved using recently.

Essential Care Organic Superfruit Serum and Silk Touch Cleanser

First up is the Essential Care Odylique Superfruit Concentrate, a facial oil with the power of the god Thor himself (yes, it really is that good!) With 5 powerhouse oils working there magic to target all aspects of skin ageing while giving your skin a hit of moisture. Want to know what these are just take a little look:

Avocado Oil: Rich in vitamin E, Fatty Omegas and Sterolins this oil is a powerful anti-ager which can also help to reduce age spots and repair sun damage.
Rosehip Fruit Extract: Rich in vitamin C, A, D and E this oil helps to reduce scarring, decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation spots and inflammation. It’s also a great skin hydrator.
Jojoba Oil: Keep skin hydrated and moisturised.
Pomegranate Seed Extact: Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Plus it can help increase production of collagen for youthful looking skin.
Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract: Promotes heathy cell regeneration and is also good for inflammatory.

For a facial oil the consistency is fairly thick, which I find nice as it gives you time to rub into your skin before it drips off. The oil soaks into the skin really quickly and leaves it feeling smooth, hydrated and plump.

Essential Care Organic Superfruit Serum and Silk Touch CleanserEssential Care Organic Superfruit Serum and Silk Touch Cleanser

For £33 you get a 30ml bottle which lasts for a really long time as you only need 2-3 drops to cover the entire face and neck area.

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate is 100% organic and is free from petrochemicals and parabens and whats more, Essential Care don’t test on animals!

Next up is the gorgeous Essential Care Silk Touch Cleanser, a double-action formula that deeply cleanses the skin and removes make-up all whilst providing long-lasting rehydration.

The Essential Care Silk Touch Cleanser is very different in texture than any other cleansers I’ve used before (and I’ve used a lot). It starts off as an oil-gel texture that instantly transforms into a creamy milk consistency.

Essential Care Organic Superfruit Serum and Silk Touch Cleanser

This is THE MOST hydrating cleanser I have EVER used. It’s full of Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil and Castor Bean Oil that rehydrates while cleansing your skin.

The Essential Care Silk Touch Cleanser is £8 for a 20g tube.

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  • Reply Janeine

    I bought the Odylique Silk Touch Cleanser a while ago. I love the formulation, you described it perfectly. Such a lovely review. xx

  • Reply Danielle D

    Lush looking products. The company sounds amazing and these items look like great quality. Thank you sharing such a fab find! D xx

  • Reply Holly MaGillan

    The cleansers sounds lovely but I have to say I’m a big fan of facial oils and that one looks and sounds pretty impressive. Love they way you’ve described it “with the power of the god Thor himself” – You make me want to buy so many thing you write about..haha. Holly X

  • Reply Hannah Jade

    I’ve had some samples of Essential Care products in the past and loves them. I’d defiantly look into getting my hands of the superfruite concentrate, it looks devine. Xxx

  • Reply Natalie

    I’m a fan of the superfruit concentrate but haven’t tried anything else from them yet. The cleanser looks great and I bet it would be wonderful on my dry face. X

  • Reply Holly Edwards

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but I’m definitely intrigued now! Thanks for sharing such a lovely looking brand with us!

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