Feel Like a Celebrity: Chic Bathroom Decor Ideas

March 13, 2018

Speaking of interior design and its standing in the world of the glitterati – let’s just say they value it. A LOT. Apart from the good taste – either their personal or the one born out of many consultations with the interior design experts – celebs also have a lot of cash to rely on for their interior design requests and visions. To them, ending up with a spectacularly looking bathroom décor isn’t really that big of a deal just as buying a new set of towels wouldn’t be to us. Yes, we are jealous. Why? Because every decorating or redecorating adventure for the rest of us begins with a string of questions like “Does this fit our budget?”, “Will we have enough space?”, “What bathroom are we going to use while this one’s under construction?”, etc. But, not everything has to be too complicated or too expensive. If we’re smart enough, there’s always a way around it. This time around, there’s the abundance of celebrity bathroom photos we can use as a visual inspiration and a reminder that we are, indeed, poor.

Here are 4 celebrity bathrooms we’re swooning over, and a few tips on how you can copy them into YOUR bathroom interior:

Kim and Kanye bathroom

It is no secret that the ultimate power-couple takes their real estate seriously, along with the meticulously planned interiors of their living space(s). On that note, we are rightfully gushing over their his-and-her master baths, featured in their $20-million-worth home. Kim’s state-of-the-art bathroom is all white and marble, with metallic accents and, of course, a chandelier. White flowers and glass accents are all around, too. In terms of square footage, her bathroom could fit a little family. Kanye’s section is more structured and, obviously, less feminine, featuring huge shower cabins embellished with high-quality materials worthy of Yeezy’s approval. FYI, the house features nine bathrooms at this point, the two master ones included.

HOW TO USE IT FOR INSPO: Although you can’t probably spend the budget the Kardashian West did on their bathroom décor, go with the next best thing: copy their color palette and design method. All-things-white is an absolute hit: white tiles, white floor, white walls and white vanities. A metallic frame on a mirror, dim lights for atmosphere and a white flower pot with an orchid in it on display (or any other flower with white petals) will do the trick.

Kate Walsh bathroom

Ever dreamed of a bathroom that screams “spa” the moment you open the door? Well, if you copy Kate Walsh’s bathroom style you may as well have one of your own. A double-sink vanity featuring two mirrors for him and her, and a luxurious bath at the end of the room look absolutely spectacular. There’s a lot of natural light in the bathroom, a few plants laying around and wall art adding a relaxed feel to the space.  Similar to Kim and Kanye’s bathroom, Kate opted for a lot of white combined with a few spa-like colors like aqua and green.

HOW TO USE IT FOR INSPO: First, get one of the quality bathtubs that inspire a feeling of enjoyment and make you feel pampered. Then, paint all the storage solutions white and try to include as much white as possible in walls and floor, too. Play with aqua and other similar colors for accents.

Ellen and Portia bathroom

We wouldn’t expect anything less from one of our favorite celebrity couples than to have their exceptional fashion sense match their home and bathroom interior. Sophisticated, understated and with an element of quirk, the couple’s bathroom is everything and more! Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that are overlooking the couple’s private garden, a slick marble floor and organic elements laying around, like wooden stools and pots, mini pot trees and a marble bathtub that resembles a small pool, the bathroom is a perfect mixture of an organic lifestyle and a functional modern take on bathroom décor.

HOW TO USE IT FOR INSPO: Use a neutral, earthy base for your bathroom and upgrade it with organic elements like Ellen and Portia did. For instance, instead of using glass, metal or plastic holders opt for wooden ones; include potted plants in the bathroom and place them somewhere visible so they are evocative of nature. If you don’t have enough natural light coming in or have noisy neighbors tracking your every move, opt for dim lights in the bathroom that will look both soft and romantic.

Cameron Diaz bathroom

The legs-up-to-here actress sure likes her shiny, golden interiors but she doesn’t shy away from the minimalist touch, either! Her recently-purchased home looks absolutely spectacular, with the home’s palette kept light for the most part, the powder room is surprisingly… moody. The walls are chocolate brown and feature long hand-written sentences all over. The sink’s goldish and it fits the moody atmosphere 100%. The master bathroom and the other, smaller one are both crisp white with a lot of glass elements, plants and a picture here and there.

HOW TO USE IT (THE POWDER ROOM) FOR INSPO: Although this powder room design isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea, for those who want to try it – you can, easily. Instead of forcing the whites on your bathroom space, go with a darker, earthy color that will work perfectly combined with bronze/gold faucets, and bronze/gold towel holders. Buy waterproof wallpaper imitating hand-written print (or anything similarly dramatic), and voila!

Well, there you go. Although most of these breathtaking bathroom designs aren’t really functional unless you have a maid, we can still dream, right?

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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