Film and Photo Shoot Location Agencies UK

October 2, 2018

If you decide on renting your home for photo shoot or filming you will need the help of location agencies UK. Your registration with location agency allows them to determine if your property meets the criteria for the purpose stated.

How the process works:

Find a Location Agent
Contacting an agent is the first step in renting your property for films. Get someone to take several pictures of the property. Do not include children or pets in the pictures. After examining the pictures, the agent will determine if your house or apartment is suitable.

How to register
A necessary stipulation is a wide range of images showing every feature of your property: extensive grounds, cellars, or outhouses, all these you should show. The location agency will advertise your property in their location library and send details of your property to clients when it meets the criteria for film or photo shoot brief.

The name and physical address of your property are never published online. Once your property arouses some interest, the agent reviews the company. They will ask you if you are interested in allowing your home to be included in the project.

The production company cannot start filming before showing its public liability insurance. You will have to sign an agreement with the production company if the shoot is private. Possible damage may be a problem to some property owners, but this hardly happens.

What is your responsibility?
There is little or no responsibility for you after you sign the filming agreement. The nature of your contract will determine if you are to stay away from the location to prevent footage leaks. Most film-makers are very protective about the details of high-cost movie leaking, especially for big films.

Most times your job is to be there to open the doors in the mornings and be back in the evening to lock up. If you do not live on the property, you can allow the filmmakers to keep the key and take it back to you when they’re done.

Are there Registration Fees?
There are no fees charged for registration. Location agencies work on a commission. There is a 20 percent commission for any cost you and the filmmakers agree to. Agencies often seek to obtain the best fee for you. This commission helps them to work on obtaining the best rate possible for your property.
Who takes responsibility for damages incurred?

It is the location agency’s responsibility to ensure that the customer has proper insurance. You can get a damage deposit of approximately £250 in cheque from the film company. They will ask you to give the cheque back if there were no damages. However, public liability insurance is sufficient.

How important are property location and suitability?
It does not matter if your property is located in big cities or on the outskirts, it is dependent on the client’s specific needs.

Clients choose a property depending on their needs. Some will require splendid homes with contemporary furnishings, while others will choose a council flat. Factors that affect the client’s decision to use your property include the inside of the house, room size, and parking. The camera crew carry lots of equipment and these will have to fit in the rooms. They also need to have adequate parking space near to your location.

Redecorating is another factor. The camera crew may decide to repaint the exterior of your house or remove the wallpaper because they don’t like what they see. Just ensure that redecoration is not a problem to you. Having adequate storage room is of equal importance, because of the many props the client will be using. Check this URL:

Will You Need to Leave the House?
Most filmmakers don’t need you to leave your house. Just don’t get in their way, and take the kids visiting to allow the crew to work freely. However, for some jobs, you may have to stay away. If the filming requires your absence from your home, the client will find hotel accommodation for you until the filming is completed. This however is a rarity.

What can you expect from the Location Agency?
After agreeing to sign up your house, the agency will provide you with documents, which you will sign and return to them. Most jobs offer payment the first day the filming begins. Other jobs, however, provide payment within 30 days. Once you sign and return the documents, your property will go on the location agency site. Now your property is set to start earning some money for you.

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