Five Essential Kitchen Tools And Appliances For Any Family

October 15, 2013

As your family grows and you introduce new members into the household, the time you spend in the kitchen preparing food and meals will also begin to increase. Consequently, it’s important that your kitchen is fully kitted out and operational with a number of time saving devices.


These appliances will help you make cooking an enjoyable experience, while also ensuring that you’re able to cook a variety of healthy meals.


A blender is an incredibly versatile appliance that can help you create soups, smoothies and sauces at the flick of a switch. If you’re a first-time user, experiment with fruit smoothies at first as they’re easy to make and extremely tasty. Just chuck your chosen fruit into the blender with a little natural yoghurt, a splash of milk and some ice for the perfect, refreshing beverage.

2.Coffee machine

If, like most parents, you require a good cup of coffee to keep you going in times of hardship or as a means of kick starting your day, then you could probably do with a decent coffee machine. Not only do they make a great cuppa time and time again, but they also save on time and are available at very reasonable prices. Visit the Tassimo website for further information and the opportunity to browse their fantastic product range.


Every kitchen needs a decent set of knives, as it’s simply amazing just how much of a difference sharp blades make to your cooking times. Don’t make do with dull blades and struggle to cut even the easiest of foods – sharp knives will give you a real head start when it comes to food preparation and give you more precious time to spend with the family.


If you want to keep your vegetables healthy and nutritious, the best way to cook is with a steamer. Just drizzle a little olive oil and sprinkle some salt and pepper on your veg and you’re ready to go. Make sure you go for a versatile steamer that fits a variety of pans.

5.Measuring utensils

Finally, if you find yourself following intricate recipes on a regular basis, and even if you don’t, you’ll probably find yourself in need of some measuring utensils. These include measuring jugs, scales and cup measures, all of which will prove handy in time. Without them, you’ll forever be making do and cooking frustratingly almost-but-not-quite-perfect dishes.

Disclosure: This was a guest post written by Kat.

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