Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover

January 11, 2015

I have always loved trying out different things with my nails but always have an issue when it came to removing old nail polish as Nail Polish Remover always seemed to dry my nails out and make them brittle, that’s till one day I decided to ask if anyone knew a good brand Nail Polish Remover brand that would work well without making my nails look and feel dreadful after.

In stepped the lovely Elijah Choo (the founder of Bodhi and Birch) and he told me about the wonderful company that is Fresh Therapies and my life has never been the same since.

Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover

Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover is free from acetone, alcohol and other nasties meaning it is far more gentle to the skin around your nails and it will prevent you from getting dry, brittle nails each time you decide to change your Nail Polish.

Fresh Therapies also happens to have another little surprise it it’s sleeves, this Nail Polish Remover smells ah-freaking-mazing. With a beautiful citrus scent which is really pleasant and so much better on the nose than the the usual chemical scent from other brands.

Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover

When using the Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover you only need a small amount to clean off all 1o fingers (and toes if needed). It leaves a slight oily residue on the nails which I like as it quickly soaks into the cuticles which makes then feel lovely and soft.

I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone that suffers with dry nails and anyone else that would like to keep their nails in great condition but still be able to paint them all the colours of the rainbow.

At £8.99 for a 50ml bottle you may think it’s a little pricey but for me, the health of my nails is far more important than price and I think you’d agree once trying this out for yourself.

The Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover is available form Love Lula and directly form Fresh Therapies.

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  • Reply Karen Melrose

    Had to read this as soon as it popped up on my feed. My nails also get horrendously dry with nail polish remover but this one sounds so lovely, I’d be more than happy to pay for something that is good on my nails. Thank you for sharing xxx

  • Reply Samantha Parkhouse

    Sounds fantastic x

  • Reply Jade

    Do you find this makes your nails stronger in the long run? As they are not getting brittle all the time?

  • Reply Gemma Robberts

    This looks really good, I hate the smell of polish remover so this would be lovely, the scent sounds great! xxx

  • Reply Soyha T

    This sounds really good. I use a normal brand from boots and my nails are in such bad condition after. They keep splitting and pealing so I wonder if this would help with that.

  • Reply Little Miss Makeup

    Woop, something that I already own!! I love this stuff, have been using it on a weekly basis for months and i haven’t even dented the bottle yet. Goes such a long way and smells lovely too x

  • Reply Heather Nixon

    Sounds amazing! I haven’t heard of this brand before x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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